These 10 Tech Companies Make the Most in the Market

The tech sector continues to progress as the world shifts to digital technology. From smartphones to computers and cloud storage, tech companies develop essential products and services for the benefit of the people and of businesses. 

There was a time when the top tech companies only came from the United States, particularly in Silicon Valley. But today, Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea are thriving. Brands like Samsung and Huawei reached Western countries, slowly expanding their reach around the world. 


Here are the top 10 tech companies with the highest annual revenues. All of these companies reached the unicorn status long before gadgets became common, like smartphones and computers. Read on to find out the tech companies that made it to the top ten highest ranks.

10. Sony Technologies

10. Sony Technologies,

2019 Revenue: $78.157 billion

The brand Sony definitely is one of the oldest and well-known names in the tech world.

Founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in Japan, Sony evolved into a tech giant involved in motion pictures, home appliances, network services, and consumer electronics. Sony Technologies built the first-ever tape recorder in Japan, which is one of the reasons why the brand became popular.

Fast forward today, Sony is known for its superb appliances, gadgets, and medical business. The company earned approximately $78 billion in 2019 with 114,000 employees.

9. IBM

9. IBM,

2019 Revenue: $79.591 billion

When it comes to personal computers, cloud services, and consulting, the brand IBM is one of the most respected in the tech industry. Founded in 1911, the company provides hardware, software, and hosting services. 

IBMs market profit reached $79.59 billion in 2019, with the main focus on cloud services, consulting, and hosting. The American multifunctional information technology company operates in 170 countries across the world with more than 381,000 employees.

8. Hitachi

8. Hitachi,

2019 Revenue: $85.507 billion

Hitachi was the first company to create a 4-kilowatt inductor motor made for copper mining in Japan. Founded in 1910, the company evolved from a power system to digital media, consumer products, automotive systems, railway systems, and highly functional components. 

Over the years, Hitachi evolved to meet the demands of people not just in Japan but also in Western countries. The brand Hitachi is known for having the highest-quality materials for construction machinery, railway, and automotive systems.

7. Dell Technologies

7. Dell Technologies,

2019 Revenue: $90.621 billion

The American computer technology company Dell Technologies, founded in 1984, is popular in pure hardware products. It was in 2009 when the company ventured to IT services, expanding its digital solutions to help modern businesses thrive in their respective industries.

The brand Dell is popular these days for gaming personal computers, networking devices, high-grade laptops, and management services. Dells market profit last year reached $90 billion, with over 157,000 employees around the world.

6. Huawei

6. Huawei
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2019 Revenue: $109.030 billion

The Chinese tech company Huawei expanded tremendously in more than two decades since 1987. Back in the day, the companys focus was mainly on phone switches manufacturing, and then evolved in consulting services, telecommunications, and high-tech smartphones. 

When the company entered the international tech market, it tripled its profit to last years $109 billion. The Guandong-headquartered company now has about 188,000 employees across the globe and services high profile companies outside China and Taiwan.

5. Microsoft Corporation

5. Microsoft Corporation,

2019 Revenue: $110.360 billion

The maker of the famous Office software widely used today is none other than Microsoft Corporation. For decades, the company stood strong in the top five biggest tech companies in the world, tailing on Apple Inc. 

From hardware business to operating systems and cloud services, Microsoft continues to be relevant in the tech industry. With a market profit of approximately $110 billion, the brand is considered one of the most valuable companies in the world.

4. Alphabet Inc.

 4. Alphabet Inc.,

2019 Revenue: $136.819 billion

The Google we know today was under the parent company Alphabet Inc., which leads all of Googles ventures including search engine, investment, and more. Since 2015, Alphabet Inc. is responsible for managing Googles side projects. 

To date, the company has a market profit of more than $136 billion, which mostly comes from investments, innovative tech development, high-speed Internet, and more. Despite the huge operations, the company only has a bit more than 98,000 employees. 

3. Hon Hai Precision

3. Hon Hai Precision,

2019 Revenue: $175.617 billion

Formerly known as the Foxconn Technology Group, Hon Hai Precision is a Taiwan-based multinational electronics manufacturer. The company is the biggest assembler of iPhones, with enormous factories in 12 Chinese cities. 

Since 1974, Hon Hai Precision is the leading manufacturer for all electronics components for smartphones, CPU, and gaming gadgets like Xbox, Playstation, Kindle, and Wii. The company stood strong on the third spot, with market revenue of $175 billion.

2. Samsung Electronics

2. Samsung Electronics,

2019 Revenue: $221.579 billion

One of the worlds leading smartphone manufacturers is Samsung. The brand has gone through diverse business ventures, including home appliances, retail, food processing, and securities. Samsung gained global recognition for high-quality telecom equipment and consumer electronics. 

The company was founded in 1938, then focusing on the shipbuilding industry and construction. As the years went by, the brand evolved to what it is today$221 billion market revenue in 2019, servicing high-profile clients across the globe.

1. Apple Inc.

 1. Apple Inc.,

2019 Revenue: $265.595 billion

The list wouldnt be complete without Apple Inc., the worlds most valuable tech company with revenue amounting to $265 billion. Apple is engaged in consumer electronics along with online services and computer software. 

Headquartered in California, United States, Apple is known for its products including the famous iPhones, iPads, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more. The brand also gets a steady stream of revenue from third-party digital content, applications, and cloud services.



The worlds leading tech companies dominate the digital technology industry and consumer electronics. With brands earning billions annually, more people are hired to operate key offices and cities around the globe. 

The top ten list continues to change yearly as some companies do well compared to others. But these ten companies are already influential in the tech market, developing new consumer products that sell well.

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