Royal Family Rivalry: Who Ranks the Wealthiest? (Top 10)

If there’s one thing people who dream of being wealthy want, it is to be as posh and elegant as the British royal family. While there are other royal families across the globe that are reportedly richer than the British royalties, Queen Elizabeth II’s household is definitely an inspiration to many.

With a reported net worth of £69.3 billion, this family is certainly one of the most influential households in the world.


Curious as to who is the wealthiest among the British royal family members? Check out the list of the 10 of them here.

10. Meghan Markle

10. Meghan Markle
Travel and Leisure | Photo: DAN KITWOOD/GETTY IMAGES, Marie Claire | Pool/Getty Images

Net worth: £4.11 million ($5 million)

A former actress, the Duchess of Sussex accumulated personal wealth even before marrying into the royal family. She worked on the TV show Suits, movie cameos, and The Tig, a lifestyle blog she runs. Just like Kate, Meghan is not allowed to get freebies and loans from designers.

With the combined wealth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there is no wonder that their son Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor will have a whopping net worth, as well. 

With the family’s net worth amounting to billions, there is no doubt why many people admire not only their wealth but also their lifestyle and endeavors. 

9. Kate Middleton

9. Kate Middleton
Cheat Sheet | Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Image, Refinery 29 | PHOTO: KARWAI TANG/WIREIMAGE/GETTY IMAGES

Net worth: £5.76 to £8.22 million ($7 to $10 million)

While regarded as a “commoner,” the Duchess of Cambridge certainly has a high net worth based on her family business’s value. Her expenses are paid for by an allowance from the Duchy of Cornwall, costing around £23.03 million. 

However, Kate still pays for her wardrobe in full. Why? It is unacceptable for a Duchess to receive freebies or loans. Perhaps there are some conditions to this whole royalty thing…

8. Prince Philip

8. Prince Philip
People | Photo: JEFF SPICER/GETTY, History | Credit: aul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Net worth: £24.68 million ($30 million)

Being the husband of the Queen, it makes sense that Prince Philip is in the top 10 wealthiest members of the royal family. As per the Sovereign Grant Act of 2011, he receives around £411,282 as a yearly Parliamentary annuity. As of 2017, Prince Philip has retired from the position. 

While Her Majesty is noted for her frugal ways, her husband is known for being enamored by the opulent life.

7. Prince Harry

7. Prince Harry, People | Photo: CHRIS JACKSON POOL/GETTY IMAGES

Net worth: £24.66 to £32.88 million ($30 to $40 million)

Just like Prince William, the Duke of Sussex is worth millions. Known as a royal rebel, Prince Harry is former military personnel. He even went to Afghanistan for two tours in his 10 years in service. During this, he earned £41,130 to £43,598 annually.

Both he and Prince William inherited funds from their late mother, Princess Diana.

6. Prince William


Net worth: £24.66 to £32.88 million ($30 to $40 million)

Of course, the Duke of Cambridge is one of the wealthiest members of the household. Prince William and Prince Harry both received an inheritance from their mother Princess Diana’s trust on their 30th birthday.

The inheritance is said to be £13.16 million, jewelry, and a £370,125 annual investment portfolio on their 21st birthday. They also have an allowance of £2.78 million from the Duchy of Cornwall, catering to their needs, such as clothes, travel needs, and personnel.

The best thing about this duke’s wealth is that Prince William donated his salary amounting to £51,007 as a helicopter pilot to charity.

5. Prince Louis

5. Prince Louis
Biography, Channel 24 South Africa | PHOTO: Getty Image

Net worth: £57.51 to £102.66 million ($70 to $125 million)

According to experts, Prince Louis is far from the throne, which led to his lower net worth. Moreover, he was the third royal child, which resulted in people being less excited about his birth. Unlike his two siblings, he did not have an effect as great as Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

4. Queen Elizabeth II

4. Queen Elizabeth II
IB Times | Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson, Time | © Bettman / Corbis

Net worth: £427.88 million ($520 million)

Of course, the British monarch ranks closer to the front of the list. According to David McClure, a royal finance expert, Queen Elizabeth is known for being frugal, preferring to use a £30 heater. However, she does indulge in one thing: horses. This extravagant hobby is known to be expensive, with an estimated cost of around £600,000 per year at one point. 

The Queen does not personally own the Crown Estate, but she is allowed to spend 15% of the Crown Estate’s income. She does own several royal properties, including the Balmoral Castle (£115.18 million) and the Sandringham (£53.49 million). Her Majesty gets income from the royal trusts and horse racing.

3. Prince Charles

3. Prince Charles, Daily Mail | UK Press via Getty Images

Net worth:  £1.1 billion ($1.34 billion)

The Duke of Cornwall Prince Charles is next in our list, with an astonishing income of £21.6 million from the Duchy. What’s more astounding is that this amount is down by £100,000 from last year. The Prince of Wales is known to own 2,360 hectares of woodland and 52,760 hectares of land. 

2. Prince George

2. Prince George
Channel 24 South Africa | Photo: Getty Images, Town and Country Magazine | © POOL/SAMIR HUSSEINGETTY IMAGES

Net worth: £2.96 billion ($3.6 billion)

As a mini Prince, this six-year-old may be one of the richest kids across the globe. Known as having the “Prince George Effect,” his birth boosted the British economy with parents emulating his outfits and toys.

He also garnered attention for being the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and captured the hearts of people around the world simply for wearing shorts. According to royal traditions, boys cannot wear pants at ages below 8 years old. 

1. Princess Charlotte

1. Princess Charlotte
Hello Magazine, | Photo: Getty

Net worth: £4.11 billion ($5 billion)

The second child in their immediate family, Princess Charlotte also has an effect named after her. The “Princess Charlotte Effect” boosted the economy and businesses across Britain. Parents bought the same accessories, clothes, and toys that Kate used for the Princess.

If you are wondering why she is worth more than her older brother, analysts say that this is because she is easily a fashion icon.


Marie Claire | Pool/Getty Images, Refinery 29 | PHOTO: KARWAI TANG/WIREIMAGE/GETTY IMAGES

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