The Top 10 Most Wealthy Beer Companies

It’s hard to think of a fun night without the presence of beers. Whether it be for a birthday party, a weekend night out with friends, a romantic date night with your loved one, or a relaxing movie marathon in bed, nearly every occasion calls for a bottle of this drink. 

If you’re among one of the many beer enthusiasts who can’t attend a happy hour without grabbing a glass and toasting to this kind of drink, chances are you’re already familiar with tons of beer brands out there. However, have you ever thought about which among them is the biggest in the sector? 


Below, we have rounded up the top 10 wealthiest beer companies in the world. Read on to see whether your favorite brand is one among them. Here they are.

10. Groupe Castel

10. Groupe Castel,

Revenue:  $2 to 5 billion

Founded in 1949, the Groupe Castel is among the biggest beer companies in the world. While the company is known for its wine, becoming the largest French wine producer to date, the real money-spinner is its beer products.

To date, Castel claims to have a 25 percent share of profits from the African beer market, producing a total of 28 million hectolitres of beer and soft drinks per year. Its most popular beer brands include Flag and Castel. wrote a total of $2-5 billion in revenue for the company.

9. Tsingtao Brewery Group

9. Tsingtao Brewery Group,

Revenue:  $4.2 billion

Known to be one of China’s oldest beer companies, the Tsingtao Brewery Group is the 9th largest brewery in the country in terms of sales, trailing after the China Resources Enterprise.

Among its products include a pure draft beer, a cooked beer, a fresh beer, and many others. The business is currently extending its products to more than 100 countries.

Forbes reported a total of $4.2 billion in revenue for the company.

Molson Coors Brewing

Molson Coors Brewing,

Revenue:  $4.8 billion

Formed in 2005 from the merger of Molson from Canada and Coors from the United States, Molson Coors Brewing currently stands as the 8th wealthiest beer brand in the world. To date, the business holds more than 90 strategic and partner brands, with a presence in more than 50 countries. 

Among its most iconic beer brands include those from the Blue Moon Brewing Company brands, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company brands, and more.

BizVibe reported a total of $4.8 billion in revenue for the company.

7. Kirin

7. Kirin,

Revenue:  $6.08 billion

Next is the Japanese beer brand Kirin. Although originally introduced by a Norwegian-American immigrant, the brand now stands as the epitome of Japanese beer.

To date, the company stands as one of the biggest beer companies in the world, owning 15 breweries throughout Japan and other overseas subsidiaries, including Kirin Europe, Kirin Brewery of America, and Philippine-based San Miguel Brewery.

Among its most popular products are the Ichiban Shibori, the Kirin Lager, and the Kirin Tanrei. According to BizVibe, Kirin’s net revenue mounted to $6.08 billion in total.

6. Carlsberg

6. Carlsberg,

Revenue:  $9.48 billion

Next is the popular beer company Carlsberg. Founded in 1847, the business currently stands as one of the leading international brewery groups in the world, taking pride in its rich portfolio of beer and other beverage brands.

Among its most popular brands include Carlsberg, Special Brew, Elephant Beer, Kronenbourg, Jacobsen, Baltika, Bosman, and more.

In 2019, the company was reported to have a total of $9.48 billion in revenue.

5. Beijing Yanjing

5. Beijing Yanjing,

Revenue:  $10.35 billion

China-based beer company Beijing Yanjing Beer Group is currently the 5th wealthiest beer company. Founded in 1980, the business is best known for its premium beer and first-class beverage products

To date, it is considered to be the largest beer manufacturer in China. Among its other popular brands include Liquan, Huiguan, Yanjing, and Xuelu. 

The group’s total revenue was reported to be $10.35 billion.

4. Asahi

4. Asahi,

Revenue:  $19.95 billion

Founded in 1889 in Osaka with the name Osaka Beer Company, Asahi Breweries now stands as the 4th biggest beer company in the world. At the moment, the brand ranks first in Japan in terms of sales volume, securing the spot for twelve straight years.

Its best-known product is the Asahi Super Dry, which stands as one of the most popular beers in Japan.

BizVibe estimates a total of $19.95 billion sales for the company

3. Heineken

3. Heineken,

Revenue:  $23.7 billion

It’s impossible to talk about the biggest beer companies without the mention of Heineken. Founded in 1864, the company now owns over 160 breweries in over 70 countries worldwide.

According to Technavio, Heineken sells over 8.5 million barrels of its beer in the U.S. alone, with expectations to further increase the mentioned number.

Among its top well-known brands include Amstel, Desperados, Sol, Affligem, Tiger, Tecate, Red Stripe, and Krušovice. For the year 2019, BizVibe estimated Heineken’s revenue to be at $23.7 billion

2. China Resources Snow Breweries

2. China Resources Snow Breweries,

Revenue: $33.19 billion

Considered to be the largest beer manufacturer, seller, and distributor in China, the China Resources Snow Breweries now stands as one of the top-selling beer brands worldwide. To date, the company accounts for about 20% of the Chinese beer market and operates more than 91 breweries in China.

Among its most popular brands include the Snow Beer brand, the Blue Sword, the Green Leaves, the Huadan, the Löwen, and many more.

BizVibe estimated the company to have $33.19 billion in revenue.

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev,

Revenue: $52.33 billion

Finally, for the wealthiest beer company, the Belgian multinational drink and brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev remains to stay on top of the pyramid. Known to be the world’s largest brewer, the company has proven itself to be in a different league compared to all its competitors – thanks to its mounting sales and series of successful acquisitions.

To date, Anheuser-Busch InBev holds a total of 630 beer brands in 150 countries. Among its most popular products include Budweiser, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Corona, Leffe, and Hoegaarden.

In 2019, the annual sales for the company was reported to be $52.3 billion.



Surprised on discovering who’s who in our list? Whether it be for an all-out party, a relaxing “me time,” or a sudden night out with your best pals, these top beer brands are the best you could bet on. They are sure to help make your happy hour even happier.

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