The 10 Wealthiest States In America

10. Utah

10. Utah,

Median Income: $68,374 

Coming up on our top 10 is none other than the luxurious “Beehive State” of America, Utah.

Known for its scenic national parks and breathtaking outdoors, Utah is a great place to be. This dramatic beauty sitting the western part of the U.S. takes pride in its kaleidoscopic canyons, superb rock formations, alpine mountains, and luxurious urban areas.

To date, the state is reported to have a population of 3,045,350, with a median income of $68,374. To make the conditions even more interesting, only 3.9% of the residents were identified to be out of work. This makes Utah the 10th richest state in America. As such, it promises a paradisiac landscape and loads of opportunities for citizens and tourists alike.

9. North Dakota

9. North Dakota,

Median Income: $63,473

Most known for its scenic fields and advanced highways, North Dakota comes as the perfect place to bet on if you want to ditch the hustle-and-bustle of the typical city life. However, aside from being the classic rural paradise, the state is also starting to make a name for itself in terms of economic stability. Thanks to its booming oil and gas industry, its residents are provided with enough job opportunities that promise favorable pay. 

To date, North Dakota is said to have a total of 752,201, residents, in which only 2.83% are out of work. In fact, in some regions of the state, there are five jobs available for every person looking for work. Impressive, isn’t it? To make it even more rewarding, the population was reported to enjoy an income of $63,473 on adverage.

8. Minnesota

8. Minnesota,

Median Income:  $68,411

From being the “Bread and Butter State” to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there are a ton of titles that can be attributed to Minnesota. From its numerous lakes, twin cities, to its popular Juicy Lucy cheeseburger, a variety of images already come to mind when we speak of this midwestern state. 

However, would you believe it if we were to say that Minnesota also comes as one of the wealthiest states in America? With a population of over five million, the place impressively managed to hit a staggering $68,411 median income and a low unemployment rate of 3.9%.

Overall, this makes Minnesota a perfect place to be if you’re looking for a grand destination with a stable economy.

7. Colorado

7. Colorado,

Median Income:  $68,811

If you’re the typical adrenaline junkie, chances are you’ve already heard of Colorado’s undisputable status as the top choice for people looking for thrills and excitement. With its plethora of stunning natural scenery – from the magnificent peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the enthralling beauty of the red rock formations – it comes as a no surprise that the state remains to be a must-visit in anyone’s bucket list.

However, aside from these scenic wonders, another reason Colorado deserves your attention this year is because of its impressive economic condition that suggests luxury and comfort to its residents. Housing more than five million people, Colorado takes pride in its low unemployment rate of 4.7% and a whopping median income of $68,811.

6. Virginia

6. Virginia,

Median Income:  $71,564

Coming up at number six is none other than Virginia. Aside from being the perfect destination for lovers, this southeastern state also comes as a worthy option for wealthy movers looking for a great place to find home and comfort in. From extravagant presidential homes to picturesque drives to a thriving wine-making industry, it comes as a no surprise that the state currently stands as one of the wealthiest across the U.S. 

In fact, despite having to deal with a large population of over eight million, Virginia still managed to demonstrate a staggering median income of $71,564. To add up to the hype, only 5.02% of the population is currently out of work, and about 1 in 7 people is working as a highly paid professional.

5. New Hampshire

5. New Hampshire,

Median Income:  $74,057

With popular cities such as Hampton, Londonderry, Portsmouth, and many more, New Hampshire is the perfect state for the rich and famous. In fact, it boasts of a long and impressive list of wealthy citizens that have gained popularity in various fields, including Adam Sandler, Mandy Moore, John Irving, Dan Brown, and others.

To date, with a total of 1,343,622 population, residents in New Hampshire are enjoying an impressive median income of $74,057, with only about 4% of the population being unemployed.

4. Massachusetts

4. Massachusetts,

Median Income: $77,378

Surprised? Probably not. With a lengthy list of high-performing schools up its sleeves, including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge universities, it only comes naturally that Massachusetts carries and maintains a booming economy marked by a well-educated workforce.

To date, although supporting a large population of over six million, the state still manages to provide its citizens with a computed median income of $77,378. It also has a low unemployment rate, which only hits 5.4%. Among its wealthiest cities include Boston, the North Shore, and the Berkshires.

3. Hawaii

3. Hawaii,

Median Income:  $78,084

You bet it. Aside from its tropical wonders and turquoise-blue waters, Hawaii is also recognized for its seemingly over-the-top cost of living, which reflects the state’s impressive economic standing. In fact, for the locals, it comes as a no surprise that buying a home would cost them about $5,87,700 each and a combo Mcdonalds meal would be around $10.

With over a million people, this archipelagic paradise secures a $78,084 median income for its residents, making it one of the richest states in America today.

2. New Jersey

2. New Jersey,

Median Income:  $79,363

For decades, the state of New Jersey has long been recognized to be the ideal place for the global top 1% to live and have a home. In fact, just last year, Forbes has revealed that the state serves as a home for eight billionaires in total, which include the hedge fund manager John Overdeck, Mediacom chairman and CEO Rocco Commisso, Wall Street legend Leon G. Cooperman, and English playwright Duncan MacMillan, among others.

To date, New Jersey is reported to maintain a median income of $79,363 among its 8,881,845 residents, with only 6.1% of the population currently out of work.

1. Maryland

1. Maryland,

Median Income:  $81,868

You bet it. No other state sits on top of the financial hierarchy other than Maryland. With a close focus on its education system, the state has managed to generate and maintain thousands of highly skilled workers to work in high-paying jobs, including those in the technology, aerospace, and defense industries.

To date, Maryland is reported to be having about 6.6 million people, with a median household income amounting to a staggering $81,868. Among its most famous and richest residents include the developer Ted Lerner, who is said to have a total of $5.1 billion net worth; Steve Bisciotti, the owner of the Baltimore Ravens with a $4.2 billion net worth; Under Armour Inc. CEO Kevin Plank, who has a $1.9 billion net worth, as well as many more.,,

Have you found the best U.S. state to move to? Whether you’re after scenic grandness or a luxurious atmosphere, these 10 states in America are sure to give you the life you’ve long been aiming to experience.

Which among these states do you fancy living in?

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