Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities to Live In

Europe is certainly one of the most expensive regions to live in. It is home to a variety of rich countries and cities that have their own unique characteristics.

The continuously rising globalization and development not only in Europe but in other parts of the world not only enables the mobility of goods and ideas, but also people.


If you are thinking of moving to Europe, you can consider moving to the most expensive cities in the region. Here’s a list of the costliest cities in Europe based on Numbeo’s data.

10. Stavanger, Norway

10. Stavanger, Norway
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Single Person Monthly Cost (without rent): $1,146.79

Rent Per Month (1-bed room apartment in the city center): $1,068.64

Total: $2,215.43

This place offers a combination of old and new, natural and man-made. You can spend time walking the well-preserved streets of Old Stavanger. It is also home to the Stavanger Cathedral, a Romanesque church known for being the oldest in Norway. 

You can also visit the Swords in Rock monument commemorating the Battle of Hafrsfjord. For a more modern taste, there is the Stavanger Petroleum Museum, which is highly noticeable for its metallic cylinder body. 

9. Bern, Switzerland

9. Bern, Switzerland
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,403.61

Rent Per Month: $1,030.49

Total: $2,434.1

The fifth-largest city in Switzerland is known for being the de facto capital of the country for around 170 years. It offers a taste of the country’s history through the Old Town, a UNESCO-listed medieval center. It features the Zytglogge, the Old Town’s iconic clock tower. 

For a tour around Bern, visitors can ride the funicular going around the city’s own hill Gurten. More physically active individuals can also hike the hill, while families can have a picnic on its lush grass, making it a suitable place for people of all ages.

8. Oslo, Norway

8. Oslo, Norway,

Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,143.5

Rent Per Month: $1,337.50

Total: $2,481

The capital of Norway, Oslo is a popular tourist destination. With its lush greeneries and Scandinavian architecture, this city offers various experiences to visitors. It is also the home of notable painter Edvard Munch. 

If you are thinking of moving to this country, you can expect to be closer to the National Gallery, home to Munch’s famous painting The Scream. For a more natural experience, you can visit the Oslo Fjord, including Hovedoya and Gressholmen.

7. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

7. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,040.32

Rent Per Month: $1,634.19

Total: $2,674.51

A mixture of ancient and modern cultures, Luxembourg provides a unique European experience through a multicultural perspective. From the Old Town to the majestic castle Chateau de Vianden, you can get a taste of the city’s cultural history.

Similarly, you can also enjoy the modern life offered by Luxembourg in the Kirchberg District. From various modern structures to contemporary art, this place offers a convergence of the city’s ancient and modern character.

6. Basel, Switzerland

6. Basel, Switzerland
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,505.08

Rent Per Month: $1,210.51

Total: $2,715.59

Another entry from Switzerland, this place offers a mix of history and development. Famous for having the tripoint in which the French, German, and Swiss borders meet, Basel is definitely a place full of cultural attractions such as the Old Town and the Kinstmuseum.

You can also visit the Basel Paper Mill, an old paper production company that has been around since 1452. For the more ponderous individual, Pfalz is the best place to go, as it offers a great spot for meditating and appreciating the Rhine. 

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

5. Reykjavik, Iceland
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,168.50

Rent Per Month: $1,604.45

Total: $2,772.95

Iceland’s vibrant city offers a whole lot of cultural and historical experiences. From the majestic Hallgrimskirkja Church and the lively Harpa, you can get a taste of what the city has to offer. Visitors can also work their way through the colorful street markets in the city.

As with the others, Reykjavik offers an exciting cultural and historical experience. Various museums, galleries, and street art dot the city, making it a great place to live for the voracious art enthusiast. You can also encounter outdoor sculptures.

4. Lausanne, Switzerland

4. Lausanne, Switzerland
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1490.35

Rent Per Month: $1,457.26

Total: $2,947.61

Switzerland’s French-speaking city is known for being an old university city and a bustling commercial district. It bore witness to a wide range of trade fairs, conventions, and congresses, making it one of the most diverse places in the country.  

It is also the headquarters of the Olympics, housing the Olympic museum as one of its tourist attractions. Of course, you cannot miss the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne, a majestic church in the Gothic style. 

3. London, United Kingdom

3. London, United Kingdom
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $979.25

Rent Per Month: $2,054.09

Total: $3,033.34

London is the destination of some 27 million tourists yearly, making it the most visited city in Europe. With its rich history combined with modern developments, this city offers a taste of the country’s royal past (and present). From Hyde Park to the London Eye, tourists and residents definitely appreciate what the city has to offer.

Once in the place, you might want to visit Westminster, its political center. Here, you will see Big Ben, the famous clock tower. You can also look in awe at the Gothic architecture of the palace. For a more adventurous time, drop by Soho, which is considered the red-light district of the city.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

2. Zurich, Switzerland,

Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,542.12

Rent Per Month: $1,829.11

Total: $3,371.23

Switzerland’s biggest city offers an enchanting experience, as it sits beside Lake Zurich. This scenic place offers a crescent-shaped promenade that allows you to capture the best shots of the lake. If you like wildlife, the Zurich Zoo is definitely a must-visit. 

For the architecture-enthusiast, the Grossmunster, the Swiss National Museum, and Altstadt offer a glimpse of the city’s most prominent structures. These places also offer a variety of styles including Romanesque architecture, medieval masterpieces, and Gothic art.

1. Geneva, Switzerland

1. Geneva, Switzerland
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Single Person Monthly Cost: $1,457.40

Rent Per Month: $2,008.01

Total: $3,465.41

Geneva is known for being a diverse city. It is rich in various establishments, showing the contrast of the lively business district and its enduring boutiques. It also boasts of the innovative CERN, Geneva’s world-famous physics laboratory.

For the more outdoorsy type, the Saleve is a great destination. Surprisingly, this is where Frankenstein’s monster disappeared to in Mary Shelley’s notable work, Frankenstein. You can also drop by the numerous ski resorts in the city if you are an outdoorsy type of traveler.


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Now that you know which cities can be the costliest on the European continent, you can start planning for your move or travels. With this list, you can aim to (or avoid) living in these European cities.

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