Top 10 Private Islands of the Rich and Famous

10. Eddie Murphy

10. Eddie Murphy,

Net worth: $120 million

One of Hollywood’s top-earning actors, Eddie Murphy, spent a whopping $15 million to buy a private island in Long Cay. It is located in the Bahamas, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in the world. Murphy’s island is called Rooster Cay, which is 15 acres in size according to Forbes

Murphy bought the island in 2007, and it is still in the family after more than 10 years. He plans to build a resort and open the island to the public but still manage to keep it private for the family to visit. The Rooster Cay is known to have been the hideaway of the actor for years. 

9. Julia Roberts

9. Julia Roberts,

Net worth: $140 million

Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts owns a 2-acre private island in Hawaii for her family to enjoy. There is news circulating that the actress is putting up the island for sale, for half of its original price. 

Julia Roberts is one of the Hollywood celebrities who loves investing her money in estates. Aside from her private island, she also has several properties in Malibu, New York, and more. 

8. Johnny Depp

8. Johnny Depp,

Net worth: $200 million

Pirates of the Caribbean lead star Johnny Depp bought a private island in the Caribbean for $3.6 million in 2004. The 45-acre paradise in the Caribbean Sea is called Little Hall’s Pond, which is one huge piece of land. 

The actor said in an interview that Marlon Brando gave him the idea of buying an island. The location is known to be one of the world’s most expensive places to buy a piece of land, because of the clear waters. 

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

7. Leonardo DiCaprio,

Net worth: $245 million

One of the actors who has been working in show business since they were little is Leonardo DiCaprio. According to a magazine, Leonardo bought a private island in Belize in 2005. For just $2 million, Leonardo got himself a 104-acre island, which serves as his personal haven. 

The island’s name is Blackadore Caye Island, located on the coast of Belize. Last year, Leonardo said that he plans to build eco-conscious lodges to rent out to tourists. This is his way of getting the return on investment.

6. Shakira

6. Shakira,

Net worth: $300 million

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Shakira definitely owned the music industry, alongside Britney Spears. With all the money she’s earned, Shakira bought a $16-million private island in the Bonds Cay, Bahamas

Shakira reportedly built a resort made for multi-millionaires on her 700-acre island. She has partnered with Pink Floyd with this new development.

5. Mel Gibson

5. Mel Gibson,

Net worth: $425 million

Shortly after the release of the 2004 film Passion of the Christ, actor Mel Gibson bought a private island called Mogo in Japan. Telegraph reports that this island is one of the world’s largest private islands, approximately 5,400 acres of land

The actor visits this paradise every so often when visiting Japan. The island has a powdery white sand beaches with turquoise lagoons. The Mogo island was featured in the episode of Operations Righteous Cowboy Lightning 

4. George Clooney

4. George Clooney,

Net worth: $500 million 

After his grand wedding in 2014, George Clooney and his wife, Amal Alamuddin, purchased a historic English manor on a private island. The 17th-century estate is 9,000 square feet in size and has 10 bedrooms

The estate is located in Sonning-on-Thames in the UK and is worth $13.5 million. This property served as their honeymoon location, away from the media. According to reports, the house was renovated and given a few upgrades.

3. Celine Dion

3. Celine Dion,

Net worth: $800 million

The singer moved onto her private island in Riviere des Mille in 2001. The private island has an enormous custom-built mansion in French-style architecture. According to reports, the private property costs $45 million. 

The beautiful mansion is 5.7-acres in size and has 400 linear feet of the ocean frontage. It also has a green lawn leading to the beach. The mansion also has a private pool, an ice cream bar, a gazebo for poolside dining, and a tennis pavilion. 

2. David Copperfield

2. David Copperfield,

Net worth: $1 billion

If you want to know how the rich people splurge their money, you will be surprised how David Copperfield was able to buy 11 islands in the Bahamas. That’s right, he owns eleven islands, which he rented out for travelers and celebrities.

The group of islands was worth a whopping price of $50 million. He made it to The Islands of Copperfield Bay, which is an ultra-luxe resort worth $30 million in construction. The cost of a one-night lodging is $57,000, which can accommodate up to 24 guests.

1. Larry Ellison

1. Larry Ellison,

Net worth: $67.2 billion

Co-founder of the second world’s largest software company, Oracle, is Larry Ellison. He bought a private island in 1978 for $500 million. It is one of the most expensive private islands in the world, but he sure can afford it. 

When Ellison got married in 2007, the location was in Necker Island. Today, the business mogul rents out the island for $62,000 a day for private occasions and events.



Celebrities and millionaires surely enjoy the money and fame; however, they also experience struggle with all the paparazzi following them all day. By purchasing private islands, they are able to relax for a bit and take a break from the media. These are the top 10 private islands that the rich and famous own. 

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