The Wealthiest Women from “Basketball Wives”

Are you fond of the American TV series “Basketball Wives”? From wild parties to outrageous fights to dreamy demonstrations of people’s day-to-day lives, it’s no denying that the series is full of drama and action. With this, it’s no surprise that viewers remain attached to the series despite nearly a decade since its launch.

However, while the wealthy background of the characters making up the reality TV series isn’t ground-breaking news anymore, identifying the richest among them remains to be a wonder for many. After all, being the wife or girlfriend of a pro basketball player already suggests immense wealth.


If you’re one of those who are curious about the subject, you’ve come to the right article. Here, we have prepared a countdown of the wealthiest women from Basketball Wives. Excited to know each of them? Check them out below!

10: Gloria Govan

10: Gloria Govan,

Net worth:  $1.5 Million

Starting out our list is none other than Gloria Goven, who is most famous for being the wife of NBA player Matt Barnes. Originally, the TV personality debuted on the Florida version of Basketball Wives, only to be added to the LA edition of the series after her husband was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010.

To date, aside from her appearance in the hit reality series, Govan is also pursuing a career in business and modeling. Her net worth is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be at $1.5 million in total.

9: Suzie Ketcham

9: Suzie Ketcham,

Net worth: $2 million 

Landing at no. 9 is Suzie Ketcham, who was cast on VH1’s reality show Basketball Wives as the ex-wife of NBA player Michael Olowokondi. During her stay on the series, Ketcham gained a huge fan base thanks to her “penchant for gossip and difficulty keeping secrets.” 

Now, although the reality TV star has long withdrawn from the spotlight, her engagements in real estate granted her a place the title of one of the wealthiest cast members of Basketball Wives. To date, her net worth is estimated to score $2 million in total.

8: Evelyn Lozada

8: Evelyn Lozada,

Net worth: $3 Million

Dubbed by many to be the most famous cast member of Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada has come a long way from being initially known as the ex-fiancee of NBA star Antoine Walker. In fact, to date, Lozada enjoys a broad fanbase, thanks to her appearance in other reality shows and successful book publications.

Now, even though her association with the NBA star Antoine Walker has long been cut out, Lozada’s name remained to be deeply associated with her appearance in Basketball Wives. To date, her current net worth is said to be $3 million.

7: Tami Roman

7: Tami Roman

Net worth: $3.5 Million

Although Tami Roman has long quit Basketball Wives to pursue her career in acting, it cannot be denied that the actress remains to be one of the most iconic characters in the series. From her nasty exchanges with Evelyn Lozada to her engagements in other wife-to-wife dramas, the model has stood to become one of the most talked-about personalities on the show. 

Now, although Roman has already called it quits with her former husband, the ex-NBA player Kenny Anderson, she remains to be one of the top richest cast members in the history of the reality TV series. Thanks to her steadily growing acting career and business ventures.

To date, the model-actress is reported to have a net worth of $3.5 Million, as noted by Celebrity Net Worth.

6: Malaysia Pargo

6: Malaysia Pargo
@indiajames12 /,

Net worth: $3.5 million

It’s hard to not talk about Basketball Wives without the mention of the name Malaysia Pargo. After all, the American TV personality has been on 27 different episodes of the show over the course of four seasons. On top of that, despite cutting out ties with ex-husband NBA player Jannero Pargo in 2014, the actress continued to be on the show through 2015.

To date, thanks to her jewelry line Three Beats Custom Children’s Jewelry, Pargo continues to enjoy a luxurious day-to-day life, as testified by her current $3.5 million net worth.

5: Meeka Claxton

5: Meeka Claxton,

Net worth: $7 million 

Although Meeka Claxton’s stay in the Basketball Wives was filled with controversy, resulting in her suing Tami Roman over assault claims, the American TV personality has gained a bundle of perks from her appearance in the show. 

In fact, thanks to her casting, she had emerged to become a household name, opening more opportunities to the actress, who later appeared in Love and Hip Hop: New York (2010) and Big Morning Buzz Live (2011).

Before her involvement in the hit TV reality series, Claxton has already established herself to be a real estate entrepreneur. With this, it comes as no surprise that she managed to rake in a total of $7 million in net worth.

4: Jackie Christie

4: Jackie Christie,

Net worth: $10 million

Of course, who would dare forget Jackie Christie? For most fans, the actress comes as one of the major reasons why Basketball Wives stands as a must-watch. As described by VH1, her “outlandish antics and over-the-top meltdowns” has driven her to popularity. 

To date, despite all the drama she’d been through in the entirety of her stay in the show, Christie remains to live a dream, along with her husband, the retired NBA player Doug Christie.

In fact, even when cameras stopped rolling, she had maintained her business career as the CEO of her own lifestyle and entertainment company. With this, it’s only normal that the actress-entrepreneur possesses a staggering $10 million net worth.

3: Jennifer Williams

3: Jennifer Williams,

Net worth: $25 million

If there’s an ultimate troublemaker on the show, many would agree that it would be Jennifer Williams. Not only did she fuel tons of drama in the series by spreading rumors, but her on-again-off-again relationship with best friend Evelyn Lozada left the majority of viewers at the edge of their seats. 

Now, although the actress is currently on a break, Williams’ day-to-day life remains to be as grand as ever. Thanks to her $25 million net worth, she can maintain any lifestyle she wants.

2: Shaunie O'Neal

2: Shaunie O'Neal,

Net worth: $35 million

There’s something about Shaunie O’Neal that gives her presence a different kind of vibe. Maybe it’s the fact that she had been the wife of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. Or perhaps, it’s her status as a successful entrepreneur in her own right. Whatever the case is, it’s no denying that she remains to be a giant among all Basketball Wives cast members.

To date, thanks to her involvement in film marketing and entrepreneurship, Shaunie O’Neal managed to maintain her high position among the ladies of the series. Her net worth is estimated to be $35 million in total.

1: Tasha Marbury

1: Tasha Marbury,

Net worth: $45 million

Finally, no other member of Basketball Wives deserves the top throne other than Tasha Marbury. Known as the former wife of ex-basketball star Stephon Marbury, the reality television star has battled countless controversies in both her personal and marriage life. 

However, despite her fair share of trouble, Tasha remained to be an insurmountable empress on the show. In fact, VH1 even describes her with “a dividing presence” that often “leads to friction with certain ladies within the group.”

To date, Tasha works as a successful entrepreneur managing her own business line. Celebrity Net Worth also estimated her wealth to be at a staggering $45 million.


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Impressed about our list of the wealthiest women from Basketball Wives? Although their lives were undeniably packed with drama, outrages, and other forms of controversies, there is no denying that these women still enjoy luxurious lives that make them the subject of envy for most people.

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