The Top 10 Wealthiest Restaurants Owned by Celebrities in Los Angeles

The food industry is ever-evolving. From Instagram-worthy locations to secret hideaways, there’s certainly a demand for the food and restaurant business. To diversify their assets and income, it appears that celebrity-owned restaurants have been all the rage. 

The rise of restaurants owned by A-list stars and other notable personalities stems not only from the coming of technology but also from the allure of widening their reach and growth. Celebrity chefs and Hollywood stars, in particular, have enjoyed a strong following through their restaurants. 


If you are keen on discovering some new restaurants, you might want to shift your attention to some pursuits from celebrities who have shown their passion for good food. Without further ado, below are the top ten wealthiest restaurants owned by celebrities in Los Angeles.

10. Maude – Curtis Stone

10. Maude – Curtis Stone,

Net Worth: $16 million

Owned by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, Maude is named after his paternal grandmother of the same name. What sets this luxe restaurant apart from others is that it centers its creations and set menus based on seasonal items. This ensures that guests make the most out of the freshest catch and food. 

Over the past few years, Maude has garnered a loyal following that it has been nearly impossible to get reservations. It has also been voted as the best restaurant in Los Angeles. Truffles, parsnips, carrots, and other similar produce has been featured on the menu.

9. Trejo’s Tacos – Danny Trejo

9. Trejo’s Tacos – Danny Trejo,

Net Worth: $16 million

You might know Danny Trejo thanks to his numerous appearances in over 300 films, such as Spy Kids and Machete. However, you might not be familiar with his food venture. Fan of tacos and all things Mexican? You might want to check out Danny Trejo’s very own business, Trejo’s Tacos. 

Staying true to his roots, his taco place goes hard with Baja-style cod and even spicy shrimp. However, they aren’t purists, meaning they are also known for fusions and out-of-the-box combinations and fillings like chicken tikka and even vegan options such as asada-style mushrooms. 

His business has grown exponentially with three other outposts. Plus, he’s also got Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts if you want to get some Mexican hot chocolate.

8. Little Pine – Moby

8. Little Pine – Moby,

Net Worth: $27 million

A vegan restaurant, Moby’s Little Pine restaurant is changing the world not only with its green meals but also with its initiative. Also renowned as a non-profit restaurant, all the profits of this stylish resto is given to a variety of charities, including a number of animal welfare organizations. 

More than its artistic leanings and design, little pine actually offers accessible vegan food to individuals who not only want a healthy and nutritious meal but also want something light yet comforting. Among its standout offerings are the grilled radicchio salad and the sweet chili tofu & waffles.

7. SpiN Standard – Susan Sarandon

7. SpiN Standard – Susan Sarandon,

Net Worth: $50 million

Susan Sarandon may be known for her impeccable acting skills in Thelma & Louise, Stepmom, Atlantic City, and Dead Man Walking. However, unbeknownst to many, this formidable woman is also known for her ping-pong prowess

Because of her love for the sport, Sarandon established a chain of ping-pong lounges named SpiN, including one in Los Angeles. Her club/lounge is a unique concept that continues to garner support and curiosity, especially with its professional-grade paddle room that’s decked to the nines.

6. Tagine Beverly Hills – Ryan Gosling

6. Tagine Beverly Hills – Ryan Gosling,

Net Worth: $70 million

Located in Beverly Hills, Tagine’s owner is no other than Ryan Gosling himself. Built with Moroccan executive chef, Abdessamad Benameur, Tagine specializes in bringing Moroccan cuisine closer to the people. 

Among the restaurant’s well-received dishes are its couscous, together with its wide range of comfort food that’s as unique as this romantic hideaway.

5. TomTom – Lisa Vanderpump

5. TomTom – Lisa Vanderpump,

Net Worth: $75 million

One of the newer restaurants by Lisa Vanderpump, together with co-stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, TomTom Bar is actually a bar and restaurant which prides itself on serving elegant bar food combined with an indulgent menu. 

There’s a reason why this dining establishment has a long line of customers and it’s not just because of Lisa Vanderpump and the popularity of Vanderpump Rules. It’s also because it has some of the best cocktails around such as The Clockwork Pink. Even Chrissy Teigen is a fan of this place.

4. PUMP – Lisa Vanderpump

4. PUMP – Lisa Vanderpump,

Net Worth: $75 million

Another dining destination by Lisa Vanderpump, PUMP is touted as the ‘sexiest restaurant’ in the whole of Los Angeles. The place alone screams of elegance, luxury, and opulence from the time you enter, instantly transporting you to the magical gardens of Provence or Tuscany. 

Apart from its lovely ambiance, the place is also a go-to spot for people who love to dine al-fresco or those who simply love to brunch. PUMP also boasts of its great cocktails, making it a great location for people who are looking to catch up for hours.

3. Saints & Sinners – Channing Tatum

3. Saints & Sinners – Channing Tatum,

Net Worth: $80 million

Saints & Sinners is perhaps one of the best New Orleans-style restaurants in the whole of Los Angeles. It serves classic New Orlean dishes that are elevated and taken up a notch higher – such as the crawfish platter and the chicken and Andouille gumbo cup. 

Apart from its delicious food, it appears that people are coming here for the ambiance and atmosphere. Just think about New Orleans’ red-light district meets burlesque and everything risque. Saints & Sinners is also a bar that dedicates its time working with charities from around the globe.

2. Wahlburgers – Mark Wahlberg

2. Wahlburgers – Mark Wahlberg,

Net Worth: $300 million

Mark Wahlberg is best known for his performances on Ted, Mile 22, and of course, Boogie Nights and even The Departed. But besides his acting ventures, Wahlberg is also a musician and an entrepreneur.

His business Wahlburgers, which he owns with his brother Donnie, has taken a life on its own. 

One look at the menu and you can see that that most of the food items are patterned after their childhood. Macaroni, burgers, of course, as well as other comfort foods are highlighted, making it an appealing – and frankly profitable – franchise that now goes beyond Los Angeles.

1. Nobu – Robert De Niro

1. Nobu – Robert De Niro,

Net Worth: $500 million

Last but certainly not least is Robert De Niro. Known for his acting chops especially in Good Fellas, Taxi Driver, and recently, The Irishman, you’d be surprised to know that De Niro actually made most of his net worth outside of his career in Hollywood. 

The quintessential favorite high-end Japanese sushi chain is perhaps the most popular and most profitable brand among the whole franchise, even catering to A-list clientele. With De Niro on board, you know that he is making bank not just from L.A., but from all other 39 locations around the globe

If you’re lucky enough to drop by his L.A. haunt, you may want to try the toro tartare or the hamachi with jalapeno. The freshness of the fish alone will surely justify their position and demand throughout the world.



In sunny Los Angeles, these celebrity-owned restaurants are certainly worth a visit. Come for the food and the drinks and you might just discover something new in this city. Who knows, you might even see these celebrity owners one of these days.

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