The Highest Paying Professions To Choose From

10. Pilot

10. Pilot,

Salary: up to $146,660 or more

Coming in at number 10 are airline pilots. These professionals are responsible for the safe and effective air transportation of a large number of people, which means that the stakes are high in their job. Because of this, they earn a lot of money on average.

However, keep in mind that the airline they work for can affect their salaries. Those who fly with premium airlines are likely to get higher pay. Moreover, their experience and number of years working as a pilot can have a huge impact on their pay.

9. Finance

9. Finance

Salary: up to $146,830 or more

If there is one profession that you expect to be on this list, it would be professionals who work in finance. After all, they are the ones who work with wealth and money. Last year, the highest-paying job in finance is a financial manager with a mean pay of 146,830. 

These individuals can work in various parts of the finance industry, from hedge funds and investment banking to commercial banking and insurance. People who hold financial careers could also have a job in accounting.

8. Sales and Marketing

8. Sales and Marketing

Salary: up to $147,240 or more

Next on the list is sales and marketing professionals. People who work in this industry are those who help funnel in revenue for many companies. Marketing managers have the highest mean salary for this industry, with a minimum educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree.

Jobs that are included in this industry include sales marketing specialist and digital marketing specialist. The great thing about this career path is that it is needed in almost all industries, from finance to information technology and many others.

7. IT Professionals

7. IT Professionals

Salary: up to $152,860 or more

Technology has been growing since the day it became an industry. From the various powerful computers that are launched every year to the useful and practical applications introduced to consumers, tech professionals are in-demand in many industries.

Because of this, IT professionals are some of the highest-paid individuals right now. An IT manager has the highest mean salary in 2020. As the industry is constantly evolving, this profession offers a lot of room to grow.

6. Engineers

6. Engineers,

Salary: up to $156,370 or more

As licensed professionals, you can expect that engineers rake in top dollar. In fact, engineers are known to have some of the highest salaries. This year, petroleum engineers made it to the list of professions that earn the most. 

Aside from petroleum engineers, there are a lot of other engineering fields you can choose from. This includes civil, electrical, and industrial, just to name a few. Often, this requires a bachelor’s degree and a license.

5. Medical Professionals

5. Medical Professionals

Salary: up to $267,020 or more

When it comes to salary, health care professionals can have some of the highest pay every year. Between spending years of their lives studying and saving lives, these professionals definitely deserve to be on this list.

Moreover, these people pursue specializations that can increase their level of responsibility and salary. This year, Anesthesiologists are ranked as having the highest mean salary followed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and obstetricians and gynecologists.

4. Athletes

4. Athletes

Salary: up to $8 million or more

After years and years of training, professional athletes are considered celebrities of the sports world. Combined with sheer talent and hard work, they tend to rake in a lot of money, especially once they gain prominence and have won many titles.

If you are up for this, you can enter the arena through various sports. From the most popular sports such as basketball and football to lesser-known ones such as curling and skeleton. You can also go for other types such as pool and chess.

3. Tech Business Owners

3. Tech Business Owners

Salary: up to $57 million or more

Take a look at any list of world’s richest billionaires and you are bound to see the name of a tech business owner. In fact, the holder of the title of the richest person in the world is a tech entrepreneur. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, has a net worth of $123.3 billion.

There is a reason why tech entrepreneurs are familiar names including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. They are famous not only for their wealth but also for their work. After all, who does not know Facebook and Microsoft?

2. Musicians

2. Musicians

Salary: up to $185 million or more

When talking about fortune and fame, musicians are the perfect example. Their work makes them famous and in turn, creates a sizeable fortune for them. The best part is they get to do a thing they love and became rich because of it.

Today, the highest-paid musicians can earn tens of millions. This includes Taylor Swift with $185 million followed by Kanye West ($150 million), Ed Sheeran ($110 million), The Eagles ($100 million) and Elton John ($84 million).

1. Film actors

1. Film actors,

Salary: up to $239 million or more

Film actors take the number one spot when it comes to professions with the highest pays. If musicians can earn a little less than $200 million per year, you can expect actors and actresses to earn more than that.

Last year, George Clooney earned a whopping $239 million before taxes for actors, while Scarlett Johansson raked in $40.5 million as the top earner for actresses. This is followed by Dwayne Johnson ($124 million) and Angelina Jolie ($28 million).

If you are planning to pursue one of the highest-paying jobs in the world right now, these are the professions you need to look into. Are you up for the challenge?

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