Top 10 Most Lavish Celebrity Beauty Treatments

10. Beyoncé

10. Beyoncé,

Cost: $900 — Gold Manicure

Queen B literally wants to shine with her $900 gold manicure by H&H Nails. In the promotional video of her World Tour, the singer and songwriter displayed her fabulous gold nails. They were the talk of the town because of the whopping price.  

Aside from manicures, Beyoncé also loves visiting Dr. Harold Lancer’s clinic for laser treatments and microdermabrasion. Before red carpets and tours, the singer visits the clinic every week to plump her face.

9. Jennifer Lopez

9. Jennifer Lopez,

Cost: $1,200 — Placenta Facial

Jennifer Lopez was not tagged as the Queen of Skin Sheen herself without the luxe facial treatment and one of her favorites, the Placenta Facial. The superstar visits Dr. Lancer’s clinic for the signature Placenta Facial that is known for anti-aging. 

According to reports, each session costs about $1,200 and Lopez mostly visits weekly. Aside from the luxurious stem cell infusion and protein-rich placenta serum, the facial also boosts natural collagen production and provides intense hydration.

8. Victoria Beckham

8. Victoria Beckham,

Cost: $1,450 — Fetus Facial

Everyone was almost sure that Victoria Beckham has her own Fountain of Youth at home, however, the actress revealed that the secret to looking younger is a $1,450 Fetus Facial. The catch? This facial includes putting a caviar sheet mask on, which makes skin ultra-soft, tight and glowing. 

Beckham visits Beverly Hills famous plastic surgeon doctor Lancer, which happens to be Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s doctor. The Fetus Facial is a popular treatment that includes stem cell injections and oxygen therapy.

7. Kim Kardashian

7. Kim Kardashian,

Cost: $1,500 — Elixir Ultra 360 Facial

Reality star Kim Kardashian-West fights off age with an ultra-tightening facial treatment called Elixir Ultra 360 Facial. Unlike her previous favorite, Vampire Facial, the Elixir treatment doesn’t look bloody but definitely shows fabulous results. 

According to Dr. Lancer of Beverly Hills, Kim Kardashian combined radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten concern spots in the face. It provides a firmer jawline and is noninvasive. After the treatment, results can already be seen, however, the price can hurt at $1,500 per session.

6. Jennifer Aniston

6. Jennifer Aniston,

Cost: $2,000 — Facial and Laser Peels

The 50-year old actress Jennifer Aniston is absolutely stunning despite her age. Her secret? Well, aside from regular exercise, a healthy diet, and supplements, Aniston also invests in beauty care like facial and laser peels. 

Her laser peels cost about $1,500 per session, combined with facials for $500. Even though she hates sharing too much of her beauty regimen, Aniston publicly displayed her love for laser peel treatments.

5. Jessica Simpson

5. Jessica Simpson,

Cost: $2,000 — Cellulite Treatments

Jessica Simpson maintains her figure with a $2,000-worth cellulite treatment that gets rid of visible fats on the legs, arms, and other parts of the body. The treatment was done once a month to smoothen out her butt and thighs. 

The singer and actress combine the cellulite treatment with regular exercise to tone her muscles. In fact, according to her trainer, Simpson works out three times to four times a week.

4. Serena Williams

4. Serena Williams,

Cost: $5,000 — Evian Bath

Tennis superstar Serena Williams plunged in a $5,000 Evian Bath, which is also the world’s most expensive bathing experience. The two-hour bath includes customized spa services, luxurious food and beverages, and a 1,000 liters of Evian Natural Spring Water to purify skin and senses. 

The bath is set to an ideal temperature, with illuminating candles surrounding the bathtub. Evian sponsors the US Open Tournament, and Williams considers the water as her ‘lucky charm.’

3. Mila Kunis

3. Mila Kunis,

Cost: $7,000 — Ruby and Diamond Peel

Believe it or not, there is a facial treatment that uses precious gems and stones to remove dead skin cells. This is a holy grail for actress Mila Kunis, who spends $7,000 per session for the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel treatment. 

According to the BORBA Skin Clinic, Kunis got for the treatment before her appearance at the Golden Globe Awards. Aside from the use of the precious gems, the application of a lactic acid peel is also done, plus an infusion of a red LED light to remove bacteria and stimulate collagen.

2. Rihanna

2. Rihanna,

Cost: $20,000 — Hair Treatments

Rihanna’s hair regimen is out-of-this-world as the singer hired hairstylist Ursula Stephen to cares for her crowning glory. The rate? Stephen gets a whopping $3,243 a day for styling the fabulous roots of Rihanna. 

Because the star makes appearances regularly, she loves experimenting with a lot of styles and colors to her hair. Rihanna’s hair is truly iconic on the red carpet, and it was made by none other than Ursula Stephen.

1. Kelly Osbourne

1. Kelly Osbourne,

Cost: $250,000 — Diamond Manicure

The most bizarre beauty treatments done by a celebrity is the $250,000 nail art of Kelly Osbourne, complete with diamonds. The reality show personality flaunted her expensive nails at the 2012 Emmys, wearing a lavender one-strap, Zac Posen gown. 

Osbourne received a lot of criticisms from her extravagant nails, but the actress said it was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ to justify the luxury. She even tweeted, “And please forgive me for not regretting it. It made me feel like a queen!”



Celebrities are just like normal people that easily get hurt from other people’s opinions about their looks. Because they carry the spotlight everywhere, they make sure to look amazing. These beauty treatments, no matter the price, provide celebrities with the confidence they need to appear in public. If these are pricey for normal people, stars definitely love going over the top for immediate and guaranteed results.’

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