Top 10 Wealthiest Towns to Live in the UK

Take a look at some of the wealthiest neighborhoods you know. In the United States, particularly in New York, the Upper East Side Manhattan is known for being one of the richest areas in the state. In fact, the glamor and luxury of Upper East Siders’ lifestyle is the main theme in the TV show Gossip Girl. 


Those who are living in the United Kingdom or those wanting to move there might want to get in on the most lavish way of living just like in the show’s depiction of the Upper East Side. The best way to do this is to find the wealthiest towns in the UK. With this, you can check out what they have to offer and even move there someday!

If this is what you are looking for, then you are in luck. We made a list of the 10 wealthiest towns to live in the UK. This list is arranged based on the number of multi-millionaires or those with more than $1 million in net worth who reside in the place. Ready? Read on.


10. Weybridge

10. Weybridge,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 190

First on our list is Weybridge. It is home to 190 multi-millionaires. This number might seem small but you can bet that it is significant. Think about it: 190 individuals with more than 1 million to their names. The total of that would definitely be significant!

If you want to visit this town, you will be glad to know that one of its strongest points is its history. In fact, the town was mentioned in Domesday Book of 1086. It also was the home of King Henry VIII in 1537 in a manor called Oatlands Howard on the border it shared with Walton.

9. Leatherhead

9. Leatherhead,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 200

Did you know that out of the top 20 richest towns in the country, 16 can be found in the southeast regions? Leatherhead is another one of the richest places located in those parts. It is a small town of only 9,000, but 200 of them are multi-millionaires.

Like Weybridge, Leatherhead is also a historical place. It is known for being a market town, with majestic views of the countryside. In fact, this site gives way to the Surrey Hills and a wide variety of landscapes including woods, grass plains, and ponds.

8. Virginia Water

8. Virginia Water,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 210

Virginia Water has known the most expensive place outside London. It is home to big houses and expansive properties. These houses can cost GBP 1.2 million. Large properties can sell up to a whopping GBP 17.5 million.

It is also a historical place. The site itself was created in the 1700s when a man-made lake was built where it currently stands. It is also near Windsor. In fact, you can simply walk from the village center to Windsor and the Great Park. 

7. Ascot

7. Ascot,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 220

One of the most known attractions in Ascot is the Ascot Racecourse. It is recognized as the finest track in the world, which is visited by more than 500,000 visitors annually. This course is historical as well, as it has been around since 1711.

The track’s very first event was arranged by Queen Anne in 1711. Today, every meeting is considered a huge event, especially with premium racehorses backed by horse racing enthusiasts. You can bet that some of Ascots 220 multi-millionaires attend such meets.

6. Windsor

6. Windsor,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 250

Home to Windsor Castle, this town is considered one of the most historical places in the UK. The town was established during the time of William the Conqueror. In fact, this is the oldest castle that is still occupied. 

When in Windsor, you can do a whole lot of things including wine tasting in the Thames Valley Wine School, visit the Legoland Windsor Resort and even drop by the Royal Windsor Racecourse. It is also the home of the stunning St. George’s Chapel which was built in 1348.

5. Birmingham

5. Birmingham,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 310

Known as the second-largest city in the UK, Birmingham is home to 310 multi-millionaires. It is located near central England, making it a center point. It has access to the national railway and motorway systems, providing transport access to its residents.

The village of Birmingham has been around since 1155. However, it was made official in the 14th century when it grew. In fact, this place is where the Industrial Revolution in Britain started and thrived. Significant inventors such as James Watt and his steam engine lived here.

4. Bristol

4. Bristol,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 340

Located in the southwest part of England, this place was formerly part of two different counties namely the historic Gloucestershire and Somerset. In medieval times, Bristol was known as an importer of raw wool and woolen cloth. 

Today, it is regarded as an education center with a wide variety of institutions dedicated to education. However, a large portion of the city center was destroyed during World War II. Good thing there was a reconstruction effort in the succeeding years to restore its structures.

3. Edinburgh

3. Edinburgh,

Number of Multi-millionaires: 420

Edinburgh currently houses Scotland’s crown jewel – the Edinburgh Castle. As a matter of fact, this place is considered as one of the most beloved places that crown the rulers of Scotland. Some of the millionaires living in this place include the author of the beloved Harry Potter series, no other than J.K. Rowling herself.

It makes sense that properties in this location can be costly – especially with sweeping views of historical sites and picturesque mountains. It is also home to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that’s known for its links to King Arthur.

2. Manchester

2. Manchester,

Number of Multi-millionaires: 1,060

With a population of more than 2.55 million, it makes sense that there are around 1,060 multi-millionaires in the city. After all, this populous area is home to an industrious area that’s known for its urban centers.

This place is not only home to multi-millionaires but also billionaires. Among the most esteemed affluent individuals in Manchester is the Duke of Westminster, who was once considered as one of the youngest billionaires back in 2018 when he was 28 years old.

1. London

1. London,

Number of Multi-Millionaires: 10,760

Snagging the number one spot in London, which has a whopping 10,760 multi-millionaires. Well, there is no wonder about that because it is the capital of the UK. It is home to a whole lot of industries, making it only logical to have the greatest number of multi-millionaires.

Regarded as a hub in the UK, it offers connectivity through various transportation networks such as the rail network, ferry services, and the Eurostar speed train. It also has five of the country’s major airports, making it accessible locally and internationally. 



Wanting to live in one of the richest towns in the UK can definitely be understandable. With the long history of the towns mentioned in this list, as well as the prosperity they seem to attract, you might want to look into the viability of moving to one of them!

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