The Top 10 Wealthiest Places to Live in New England

New England is a region in the United States comprised of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. The region is known for the best beaches and lighthouses, hence, the prices of real estate properties are escalating yearly. 

Maine, particularly, is known for its delicious and fresh seafood like lobster. Because of the access to the sea, New England is a great destination for boat enthusiasts. Moreover, there are luxury holiday properties in the area, particularly in Rye Beach. 


It is not surprising to know that New England is expensive when it comes to real estate and the cost of living. If you are interested to know the wealthiest places to live in New England, read on. These places have the highest median household income in the whole region. 

10. Nashua

10. Nashua,

Median Household Income: $70,3169.

Nashua is a city in New Hampshire and one of the largest in New England. When it comes to population, the city has one of the densest in New Hampshire, more than 86,000. According to Patch, Nashua is selected as the charmingcity due to the up and coming downtown. 

Given the huge population, the city offers vast employment opportunities. The median household income of Nashua is $70,316.

9. Glastonbury

9. Glastonbury,

Median Household Income: $80,660

A sparse suburban feel and a small population of less than 35,000, the town of Glastonbury is considered one of the wealthiest in Hartford Country. The town was named after Glastonbury in Somerset, England. 

While the population isnt that big, the town has a household income of about $80,660. Residents enjoy flush and colonial-era properties and the view of the rolling hills. The town is also famous for its berry farms and orchards.

8. Milford

 8. Milford

Median Household Income: $80,743

Another city within Coastal Connecticut is Milford. With an $80,743 median household income, the city is among the most expensive places to live. Boasting shipbuilding, farming, and oystering as its main industries, the residents receive above-average salaries. 

Milford is known for its beach resorts that attract tourists yearly. In the heart of the town, where most establishments are rooted, several job opportunities can be found. Aside from tourism, the city is also famous for meadow farms.

7. Stamford

7. Stamford,

Median Household Income: $87,316

Stamford is the second biggest city in Connecticut with a population of over 130,000. Exploring the city can give you an idea of how much it would cost to live in Stamford. Because of the vast land area, the city has attracted a lot of businesses and jobs. 

The citys household median income is estimated at $87,316. The employment rate in the city has grown yearly to more than 70,000 since 2017.

6. Greenwich

6. Greenwich,

Median Household Income: $94,309

The home of the massive mansions in Connecticut is Greenwich. The town is located in the southwestern Fairfield Country, with a population of more than 61,000. The median household income is $94,309, which is 1.44 times higher than the average income in the United States

Greenwich is known for its lower taxes, a good mix of people, and great schools. Key industries in the town include scientific, healthcare, professional, and technical services.

5. West Hartford

5. West Hartford,

Median Household Income: $95,298

Approximately five miles west of downtown Hartford is a lovely town with less than 70,000 people known as West Hartford. The town offers a dense suburban vibe with lots of establishments scattered around. 

Additionally, West Hartford has one of the safest neighborhoods with booming commercial establishments. The business district offers a lot of job opportunities for residents, who are earning an average of $95,298 per household. 

4. Brookline

 4. Brookline,

Median Household Income: $106,041

Because Massachusetts is the most populous state in the New England area, it is also the most prosperous when it comes to employment opportunities. Brookline is a town in Norfolk Country, which is a part of Greater Boston. 

It is known for its lively commercial district but the town is not dense. The population is not more than 10,000, making it a great location for people who don’t like crowds. Despite its simplicity, Brookline has a median household income of $106,041.

3. Avon

3. Avon,

Median Household Income: $116,565

The median household income in Avon, Greater Hartford is $116,565. The Patch reported that this small town is the best medium-sized place to live in the Greater Hartford region because of the quality of life and tax rate. 

Having only less than 20,000 populations, Avon is considered the wealthiest town, despite its size. Patch also said that Avon is consistent in its high ranking due to collective effort.

2. Fairfield

2. Fairfield,

Median Household Income: $120,082

One of the best places to live in Connecticut is Fairfield. It is a small town in Fairfield Country with a population of around 59,000. The town offers modern resources to enhance residentslives, including relaxation establishments, entertainment, culture, art, dining, and more. 

The average household income of residents in Fairfield is $120,082. Popular industries include agriculture, fishing, forestry, construction, manufacturing, retail trade, transportation, and technical services. 

1. Newton

1. Newton,

Median Household Income: $133,853

The vibrant town of Newton in Massachusetts is one of the biggest areas in the state. The strategic location paves the way for people to enjoy an excellent school system and an active community. With a populous town like Newton, the median household income is $133,853. 

Settling in Newton offers a lot of benefits to residents including great public schools for kids and limitless job opportunities. Those who are in the health and sciences industries can find Newton great because of the above-average income, among other benefits.



New England is a massive region in the United States, composed of six powerful states. Despite the low key living conditions, settling in this region is rewarding because of the vast employment opportunities, quality of life, and great public schools.

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