Top 10 Most Expensive Headphones on Amazon

For some people, listening to music can be quite an expensive hobby. Audiophiles, or individuals who seek high-fidelity sound through gears and lossless copies of their favorite music, are likely to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, to pursue the sound they are looking for.

With this, there is no wonder that there are audio gears amounting to thousands of dollars. Headphones, for example, are some of the most expensive audio equipment.


These top-of-the-line equipment offer the best reproduction of sound as intended by content creators. Here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive headphones you can find on Amazon.

10. HIFIMAN HE1000 V2

10. HIFIMAN HE1000 V2,

Price: $2,999

First on our list is HIFIMAN’s HE1000 version 2. This circum-aural equipment boasts of the world’s first diaphragm with a thickness of mere nanometers. It has a removable cable, connected through proprietary terminals, which allows users to replace it or to use upgrade cables. 

It has the brand’s patented “Window Shade” design, which minimizes sound reflection, allowing for airier audio and wider soundstage. It is also equipped with planar magnetic drivers or speakers, which, when compared to the traditional dynamic ones, leaves less room for audio distortion. 

9. Grado GS300e

9. Grado GS300e,

Price: $3,300

This pair of headphones creates an airy audio output through its open-back design on its wood cups. With an impedance of only 32 ohms, this pair does not require any amplifiers to perform. It comes with a mini-plug adapter and a 4.5-meter extension cable.

It does not have removable cables, but do not let that distract you from the rich sound it is able to offer. With wood cups, this pair presents low and mid frequencies with much skill, giving it punchy bass and great vocals



Price: $3,499

According to audiophiles, this pair is very close to the audio output of the V2. However, some observe better detail retrieval and a slightly narrower soundstage as compared to the second version. The gear also now has a wider, suspension-style headband.

Just like the V2, the SE version has replaceable cables. It is equipped with a 3.5mm jack port, allowing users to replace its cables with any other cable with 3.5mm jacks. This pair also has the patented “Window Shade” system, planar magnetic speakers, and asymmetric shape.

7. Ultrasone ED5 Limited Edition 5

7. Ultrasone ED5 Limited Edition 5,

Price: $3,780

Next on the list is Ultrasone’s Edition 5. This limited-edition version of the ED5 uses wood enclosures, so you can expect a good bass response, especially as this is a closed-back pair. However, this gear does not sacrifice micro-details in sound

The unit using S-Logic Ex Technology, Ultrasone’s patented surround sound technology. It comes in a high-quality case that can protect the headphones from impact, preserving its appearance, as well as build and audio quality.

6. Final Audio Design D8000

6. Final Audio Design D8000,

Price: $3,799

Japanese brand Final Audio Design’s D8000 also uses planar magnetic drivers, making it excellent in handling a wide range of frequencies without problems. Combined with the brand’s air film dampening system, it can deliver great bass and sub-bass, rich low and high mids, and non-fatiguing trebles. 

In terms of build quality, this pair will never disappoint. It is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, giving it a sturdy build. This material also aids in delivering the sound quality the Final Audio Design aims to give. It also has removable cables. The best thing is that it comes with two types of cables and a headphone stand.

5. Audeze LCD-4z

5. Audeze LCD-4z,

Price: $3,995

Audeze’s offering exudes a bold and sophisticated look with its dark and sleek aesthetic combined with gold accents. This pair of open-back, over-ear headphones are made of magnesium rings, which are designed to be non-resonant for cleaner sound output. 

LCD-4z is acoustically engineered to accurately reproduce the sound of the original source. It is also equipped with a nano-scale film diaphragm, which allows it to give a flat, deep, and accurate bass response. Audeze also guarantees zero sound distortion.

4. ABYSS Diana Phi

4. ABYSS Diana Phi,

Price: $3,995

New York-based audio company ABYSS released Diani Phi with quality in mind. With CNC machine-finished aluminum, you can expect this pair to be perfectly polished. It is sculpted from aircraft-grade material, making it sturdy and durable

When it comes to sound, this pair will not be left behind, as it uses patent-pending 63mm Phi planar drivers. These large speakers can give fast, yet impactful bass for a cleaner sound. It comes with a carrying case for safety when in transit. 

3. Focal Utopia

3. Focal Utopia,

Price: $3,999

Touted by Focal as THE reference high-fidelity headphones, Utopia bears the result of around 40 years of research and development by the company. As a reference gear, you can expect this pair to have natural-sounding output without emphasis on any frequency. Reviewers hear Utopia’s output as neutral and detailed, with its well-balanced frequencies. 

The drivers are housed in a pure Beryllium patent-pending M-shaped dome. With such craftmanship, Utopia is guaranteed to have excellent build quality. However, some say that the cable is too long, which makes it bothersome when moving. Good thing it is removable.

2. ABYSS AB-1266 Phi TC

2. ABYSS AB-1266 Phi TC,

Price: $5,995

The AB-1266 Phi TC is a premium offering from ABYSS. Like Diani Phi, it has planar speakers, which gives it better bass without sacrificing vocals and details. With its proprietary transducer design, it is able to deliver clean yet impactful sound. 

Despite its comfortable weight, the gear does not use any kind of plastic. Instead, it has an all-aluminum frame, making it light yet sturdy. It has a polymer ceramic finish with polished metal accents, giving it a sophisticated and luxurious look.



Price: $5,999.99

HIFIMAN’s SUSVARA takes the number one spot as the most expensive equipment on Amazon. With a $6K tag, you can expect that the brand did not scrimp when it comes to the build, sound, and appearance of this pair. 

Also, with the “Window Shade” system, the SUSVARA is optimized to deliver a natural yet accurate audio output. The brand boasts of the unit’s “superior aural purity”, as well as clean and unadulterated tonal quality



With such top-of-the-line gears, you are sure to get the best listening experience. That is if you don’t mind the price tag. 

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