The Top 10 Smartest People In The World

10. John H. Sununu

10. John H. Sununu,

IQ: 180

Net Worth: unknown

In the 10th spot is John H. Sununu, an American politician who served as the White House Chief during George H. W. Bush’s presidency. However, he gained notoriety for his excessive travel which some claim that he abused. 

Notably, he is a member of the Mega Society, an organization made up of individuals with the highest IQs. In fact, its members are known to belong to the 99.9999th percentile, making them some of the most intelligent people in the world.

9. Benjamin Netanyahu

9. Benjamin Netanyahu,

IQ: 180

Net Worth: $13.9 million

Another politician on this list, Benjamin Netanyahu is active in Israeli politics and became the Prime Minister of Israel back in 2009. In fact, he secured the 11th spot in The New Statesman’s list of The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures in 2010. 

Netanyahu studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but left the institution in 1973 in order to join the military during the Yom Kippur War. After the conflict, he returned to MIT to finish his studies and graduated with a degree in architecture.

8. Marilyn vos Savant

8. Marilyn vos Savant,

IQ: 186 to 228

Net Worth: $100,000 to $1 million

If you bear the same name as a syndrome that causes people to be exceptionally skilled in a specific field, people are bound to expect some degree of intelligence from you. In this case, Marilyn vos Savant definitely did not disappoint.

She was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records in 1985 to be the woman with the highest IQ for five consecutive years. In fact, Savant is so intelligent she was able to score as high as 228 on different IQ tests.

7. Philip Emeagwali

7. Philip Emeagwali,

IQ: 190

Net Worth: unknown

With degrees in various areas such as a Master’s Degrees in Math, and Environmental and Marine Engineering, Philip Emeagwali is definitely one of the smartest people in the world. He also worked toward a Ph.D., but was denied. 

Emeagwali is known not only known for his genius but also for his desire to contribute to his country. In 1967, when he was just 13 years old, he left school to contribute to the Nigerian-Biafran war. Right after, he self-studied and continued on to achieve greatness.

6. Gaspar Kasparov

6. Gaspar Kasparov, @Kasparov63 /

IQ: 190

Net Worth: $5 million

Distinguished for playing against a chess computer and getting a draw in 2003, Garry Kasparov is definitely one of the most intelligent chess players. Think about it: playing against a computer that calculates three million positions each second. Now that’s impressive!

Back in 1997, Kasparov played against Deep Blue developed by IBM, another chess computer. At that time, he lost the game and accused the company of cheating as the computer made moves that could only be made by humans. The issue was never resolved.

5. Christopher Michael Langan

5. Christopher Michael Langan
@JulianA /,

IQ: 195 to 210

Net Worth: $20 million

You may have heard about school dropouts who are now billionaires. Christopher Michael Langan is an example of a dropout who is, while not a billionaire, one of the smartest people in the world. His IQ is known to go between 195 to 210.

According to sources, Langan first talked when he was only six months old. When he was three, he self-studied reading. This construction worker and cowboy are known to live a double life as a manual laborer in the day and a genius and writer at night.

4. Kim Ung-Yong

4. Kim Ung-Yong,

IQ: 210

Net Worth: approx. $1 million to $5 million

Just like Langan, Kim Ung-Yong also started talking when he was merely months old. In Kim’s case, four months. This South Korean civil engineer was considered a child prodigy way back then. In fact, Hanyang University accepted him as a guest student in physics when he was only three!

Want some proof about his brilliance? Just go and see pictures of him solving physics problems when he was three. When he was eight, he was invited to work at NASA. At that age, he also earned his Ph.D. After working at NASA for 10 years, he got burnt out and moved back to South Korea.

3. Terrence Tao

3. Terrence Tao,

IQ: 220 to 230

Net Worth: unknown

People consider Terrence Tao as one of the greatest mathematicians of the current time. A fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and the Royal Society, Tao has made significant contributions in math such as the Grene-Tao Theorem and Tao’s inequality.

He is known to cross research boundaries. Thanks to his extreme originality evident in his works, he has garnered the respect of mathematicians around the world. In his work, he is also known to be a good collaborator, making him a valuable teammate.

2. Christopher Hirata

2. Christopher Hirata,

IQ: 225

Net Worth: unknown

This young physician has won a whole lot of awards for his work. As young as 13 years old, Christopher Hirata won the gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 1996. Since then, he went on to win several more accolades including the New Horizons in Physics Breakthrough Prize. 

With his educational background in Physics from the California Institute of Technology and Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University, Hirata certainly qualifies for this list. He currently teaches as a professor at Ohio State University specializing in Dark Energy and Astrophysics.

1. Ainan Cawley

1. Ainan Cawley,

IQ: over 250

Net Worth: $15 million

Just like many individuals in this list, Ainan Cawley started young. When he was six, he started giving public lectures. By the time he was seven, he was able to pass the General Certificate of Secondary Education in the United Kingdom. He focused on chemistry.

At the age of eight, he studied chemistry at the tertiary level at Singapore Polytechnic. Aside from this, he also wrote a score for a film, then went on to direct his own film when he was twelve. Some sources say that he was able to get an IQ of 306.,, @Kasparov63 /

With such stunning IQs and much more impressive contributions in their respective fields, these are the smartest people alive. In this regard, they truly deserve the accolades and recognition they received!

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