Top 10 Costliest Mobile Games on the Google Play Store

The modern world has elevated the status of mobile phones from a luxury to a necessity. These phones allow us to work and play on the go, making our lives all the more fast-paced. With the almost endless possibilities offered by these small devices, we definitely have the world at our fingertips.

For many people, smartphones have become extremely portable entertainment systems. From listening to music and podcasts to reading e-books and watching movies, these devices provide a whole lot of entertainment options. Another most notable feature these phones have to offer is playing games on the go.


While some mobile games are absolutely free or free-to-play, many are paid. But, who would have expected that there are games with exorbitant price tags? In this list, we give you the top 10 most overpriced mobile games on the Google Play Store.

10. Most Expensive Car Chase Game

10. Most Expensive Car Chase Game,

Price: €239.99 ($265.73)

First on our list is developer Peter ric zxt’s Most Expensive Car Chase Game. This app lets you play as a runaway criminal being chased by a police car. The main objective for every playthrough is to get away from the cops and to collect as much money as you can. 

It features decent graphics with pretty simple gameplay. However, the value of the game ends at that. According to the developer, the game costs this much because it is trendy. Moreover, they said that the price lets you flex the game to your friends.

9. Most Expensive Slot V2

9. Most Expensive Slot V2,

Price: 244.99 ($271.27)

If you go for online casino apps to enjoy casinos without spending exorbitant amounts of money, then absolutely avoid the Most Expensive Slot V2 game. Offered by AB Productions, this simply lets you make a bet and spin, just like any real slot machine.

It does not clarify whether you need to purchase in-game money using actual cash. However, the game is pretty simple and straightforward, without offering much except for the thrill of betting on a very pricey chance game. As the developer said, this is “for rich peeps only”.

8. Most Expensive Game – Block Smasher

8. Most Expensive Game – Block Smasher,

Price: €294.99 ($326.63)

Developed by Top Hit Games, this arcade game offers much more than the first two in this list. Most Expensive Game – Block Smasher precisely lets you do that: smash blocks. If you have played arcade games, then you know that this can be repetitive yet addicting. 

The main goal for each playthrough is to destroy as much block as you can before your turn ends. It also allows you to use different weapons. Using fairly decent graphics, individuals comfortable with spending hundreds can definitely enjoy this.

7. Most Expensive Ball Game

7. Most Expensive Ball Game,

Price: €299.99 ($332.17)

This game seems to be developed and published by the developer of the Most Expensive Car Chase Game, especially as they share the same reasoning for the steep price tag. However, while the car chase app uses more detailed graphics, this one uses a more minimalist design.

The game is simple. You simply have to tap the screen to accelerate the rotating ball while avoiding obstacles along the way. The enjoyment of the game banks on beating previous records and high scores. 

6. The Most Expensive Luxury 2048

6. The Most Expensive Luxury 2048,

Price: €339.99 ($376.46)

If you have ever played the game 2048, you know precisely what to do with The Most Expensive Luxury 2048. You just have to combine tiles with the same number until you reach 2048. This game eliminates features that made the original game easier, such as auto-alignment

Touted as an absolute time killer, this app lives up to its name. With the costly price it carries, this game should definitely be treated as a luxury. The developer said that this game is a masterpiece because it is expensive.

5. The Most Expensive Game – Tic Tac Toe

5. The Most Expensive Game – Tic Tac Toe,

Price: €349.99 ($387.53)

If you have not noticed yet, all the previous (and following) apps mentioned in this list are called the “most expensive” games. This one by James Pierce 11 elevates the well-loved tic tac toe game and makes it a more luxurious one.

Well, not exactly. This app offers basic graphics using the classic X and O with the same mechanics. Save for the price tag, you can expect this game to be just like any other tic tac toe game, even handwritten ones. 

4. Most Expensive Car Chase Game

4. Most Expensive Car Chase Game,

Price: €349.99 ($387.53)

Coming in at number three is the Most Expensive Car Chase Game. Just like the first app with the same name, you play as a criminal running away from the cops. You also earn points by collecting as much money as possible along the way.

However, this app offers less dynamic images. In fact, one reviewer said that it does not feature any roads or other cars.  So, the only difference is what seems to be less appealing graphics and the additional $100+ on its price tag.

3. Most Expensive Falling Game

3. Most Expensive Falling Game,

Price: €349.99 ($387.53)

Another one from AB Productions, this arcade game stirs up this list by offering more exciting gameplay. With this, you play as a duck falling from the sky. You simply have to avoid obstacles while collecting fruits and other things for points. 

With such a price tag, you may be expecting more from this game in terms of features, graphics, and other similar aspects. However, be prepared to be disappointed, as it is simply a game for people with money to spend. 

2. Most Expensive Ball Game 2

2. Most Expensive Ball Game 2,

Price: €349.99 ($387.53)

Perhaps this game is the most appealing when it comes to gameplay. This second version of the Most Expensive Ball Game gives players the same minimalist design, but with more than 50 levels with varying difficulty.

It features colorful backgrounds, perfect for adults and children alike who like a little challenge while playing a simple game. Just like other games on this list, the fun rests on beating your high score. However, this now adds 56 levels for players to beat.

1. Most Expensive Traffic Rider

1. Most Expensive Traffic Rider,

Price: €349.99 ($387.53)

While the last 4 apps share the same prices, the Most Expensive Traffic Rider takes the number one spot for the improvement it has over the other games. It offers well-detailed images of a motorcycle and lets you play with a decent background. 

The game also offers different challenges, such as Traffic Time, Traffic Ride, Time Trial, and Free Ride. With fun mechanics such as accumulating points by riding closer to cars and speeding up to get more points, this game is definitely better than the rest on this list.



Mobile gamers are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on games. If you are one, would you be willing to spend on the games included in this list? And if you think that the prices for these games are exorbitant, wait till you see apps on the Google Play Store that do absolutely nothing.

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