Top 10 Most Expensive Earphones On The Market

10. JH Audio Layla

10. JH Audio Layla

Price: $2,725

First on our list is JH Audio’s custom in-ear monitor (CIEM), Layla. This pair costs so much because it is made to fit your ears. This means that every little detail is personalized. The shape, material, and color of the shell and the length of the nozzles are all tailored to your ear to give you the perfect listening experience. 

You will be interested to know that professionals such as your favorite singers own at least one pair of CIEMs. Aside from being comfortable and secure as they move on-stage, these also help them mix tracks. These special earphones help them hear the audio in the flattest or most natural reproduction of sound.

9. 64 Audio A18t

9. 64 Audio A18t, @64Audio /

Price: $2,999

This top-of-the-line offering from 64 Audio is also another pair of in-ear monitors (IEMs). The A18ts are not CIEMs, which means that its specifications are universal including the shell’s shape, nozzle’s length, and ear tips.

The most amazing thing about this IEM is that it has a whopping 18 balanced armature drivers PER ear, which means that you get a total of 36 speakers per pair. This way, 64 Audio is able to provide perfect details and clarity across all frequencies.

8. Shure KSE1500

8. Shure KSE1500,

Price: $ 2,999

This pair of earphones is one of the most unique on this list. It is called electrostatic IEM system for a reason. This pair uses electricity to generate sound, allowing it to produce audio with less distortion and with more clarity.

Another great thing about this unit is that it comes with its own amplifier which is able to boost the sound and play music, as well. The catch is, this system does not work with any other pairs, so keep that in mind when buying.

7. Vision Ears Elysium

7. Vision Ears Elysium,

Price: $3,199

Another CIEM on the list is from the German brand Vision Ears. Just like JH Audio, this company allows you to customize the appearance, fit, build and sound of your CIEM. You can choose from different materials for the shells and you can have your logo printed on the surface.

One exciting thing about getting the Elysium is that it comes with a variety of accessories. When you purchase with Vision Ears, you will get different cases, cleaning equipment, exchange cables, and cable strips, making this pair worth your money.

6. 64 Audio tia Fourte

6. 64 Audio tia Fourte,

Price: $3,599

64 Audio’s second contender on this list is the tia Fourte. When creating this equipment, the company has taken everything it learned from its past research and development projects and combined them into creating the technology that operates in the tia Fourte.

These earphones use the three-part tia system, which features the specially developed balanced armature speaker, single-bore design and acoustic chambers. With this technology, the earphones are able to give an accurate sound.

5. oBravo Audio EAMT-1 c

5. oBravo Audio EAMT-1 c,

Price: $5,007

Entering the five-thousand-dollar mark is oBravo Audio’s EAMT-1 c. Compared to other items in this list, this unit uses a ceramic shell to house its patented speaker, the Air Motion Transformer (AMT). As it uses ceramic enclosures, there is less distortion as the material does not add or take away to the sound.

As this is the fifth IEM in this list, now might be the best time to ask: why are there no earbuds (flat-head earphones) so far? The easy answer to this is that earbuds are less complicated to make than IEM, thus less expensive. However, they offer better quality at lower price points.

4. Vision Ears Erlkonig

4. Vision Ears Erlkonig,

Price: $5,385

Another entry from Video Ears, the Erlkonig offers an exciting experience for consumers. It is made of silver shells, silver cables, and an impressive number of 13 drivers per earphone. This way, the unit is able to give precise and clear sound without sacrificing bass and mids.

Named Erlkonig, which literally translates to Elf King, these IEMs definitely captures the might and grace of its namesake. It even allows users to change their appearance with not one but four pairs of interchangeable faceplates.

3. iDiamond Ear

3. iDiamond Ear,

Price: $6,400

This item entered this list not so much due to its sound but because of the design it bears. Created by Thomas Heyerdahl at Heyerdahl Jewellery, this pair is encrusted with a combination of 204 white and rose gold diamonds, with a total of 1.65 carats. 

Perhaps another reason why they are expensive is because of their exclusive release. There are only 1,000 pairs available around the world. Heyerdahl also once sold the most expensive iPod called the iDiamond back in 2008. This iPod was not made for commercial purposes and all proceeds were given to charity.

2. oBravo Audio Ra C-Cu

2. oBravo Audio Ra C-Cu,

Price: $11,540.35

oBravo’s Ra C-Cu earned the recognition of audiophiles worldwide because of the immense level of details it was able to reproduce. Just like the EAMT-1 C, it is equipped with the patented AMT drivers, which is said to produce bass like a pair of headphones can.

If you buy this pair, you will be faced with a decision regarding the shell material you will choose. You can pick from ceramic, copper, wood and aluminum. Just keep in mind that these materials can result in different effects on the sound.

1. Solid Gold Happy Plugs Earbuds

1. Solid Gold Happy Plugs Earbuds,

Price: $14,500

Our number one on this list another pair of earbuds, this time made of solid 18-carat gold, amounting to 25 grams. This handmade unit is equipped with a built-in microphone with remote control buttons for talking and music control.

Those interested to get this item must know that they are made-to-order. If this price is too exorbitant for you, then you might want to opt for a regular pair which only costs around $25 each.



These top 10 most expensive earphones can make or break your music listening experience, on-stage performance, and even the music production process. So, make sure to check this equipment out to see if they satisfy your ears.

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