Top 10 Apple Products With Outrageous Price Tags

There is no denying that gadgets are some of the most expensive things you can buy today. From state-of-the-art gaming equipment to flagship phones from the most formidable brands, you can sink hundreds and thousands of dollars into technology. The more efficient and high-performing of a device you choose, the larger the price tag will be.

When it comes to expensive gadgets, you can look no further than the tech giant, Apple. Its earliest inventions have gained ground because of the sophisticated innovation it showed during those times. Combined with the intuitive interface it showcases today, Apple products remain to be preferred by many.


The latest releases definitely cost a lot. However, did you know that its earlier releases are some of the most expensive ones? Check out the list of outrageously priced Apple products below.

10. Mac Pro

10. Mac Pro,

Price: $10,598.26 ($9,599 in 2013)

Released in the early 2010s, the Mac Pro became the subject of memes and jokes because of its cylindrical look. Despite becoming sort of a laughing stock for some, this computer earns its place on, this list especially when you account for the 10.4% inflation from 2013 to 2020.

According to Apple, this was the most powerful and high-end workstation during its time. It has 64GB of memory and an impressive 12-core processor. It was a result of years of research to improve past desktop variants.

9. Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

9. Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh,

Price: $12,017.46 today ($7,499 in 1997)

Released in the late 1990s with a price tag of over $7,000, this computer set cost more than the 2013 Mac Pro because of 60.3% inflation. It was not intended to be part of any series of products by apple. Instead, it was a celebration of the company’s foundation back in 1976.

According to many, it is considered as a prototype of the current iMacs we know and love today. This is because this Macintosh is an all-in-one type, with all necessary components enclosed behind the computer screen.

8. iMac Pro

8. iMac Pro, @Aapplenut /

Price: $13,849.90 ($13,199 in 2017)

Back in 2017, this unit was deemed as one of the most powerful on the market. In fact, this was the company’s most expensive computer at that time. It packs a lot of computer power in an all-in-one setup, making it an easy and reliable computer for many.

With a 4.9% inflation from 2017 to 2020, there is little difference in the release price compared to inflation-adjust prices. Nonetheless, this was a very expensive Apple product.

7. Macintosh Portable

7. Macintosh Portable

Price: $15,142.08 today ($7,300 in 1989)

This computer is Apple’s very first laptop. With the word “portable” in its name, you may picture an extremely thin and light-weight laptop, like we have today. However, this was bulky and heavy, defeating the purpose of being portable.

Considering the technology we had during the time it was created, you can bet that this was a huge development back then. With 107.4% inflation, this early laptop costs more than $15,000 today.

6. Macintosh IIci

6. Macintosh IIci,

Price: $18,253.47 today ($8,800 in 1989)

Another one of Apple’s releases back in 1989, the IIci is designed to be an upgrade to an earlier version, the IIcx. It was meant to add more power and RAM to the company’s computer line. It came with a 40MB hard drive, which was significant during its time.

Aside from offering a better performance compared to its older sibling, the IIci was also meant to be a smaller and much sleeker version. Of course, during that time, it was no easy feat.

5. Apple Watch Edition

5. Apple Watch Edition,

Price: $18,448.20 ($17,000 in 2015)

If you are wondering why this piece cost so much, you need to remember that there are times when companies release editions of one product. These usually have special features. In this case, the Apple Watch Edition came with an 18-karat yellow or rose gold parts.

However, if you choose to buy it in its default setup, you will be able to get it for as low as $349. This watch offers a lot more than time. It also had various smart features including connection to your mobile phone and fitness monitoring.

4. Macintosh IIx

4. Macintosh IIx
@MysteryManBob /,

Price: $20,957.13 today ($9,369 in 1988)

Released as an upgrade to Macintosh II, the IIx offered a colored display, making it a tech innovation back then. It also features an 80MB hard drive, which seems measly today but is actually significant in 1988.

It was marketed as a business and educational machine. While it sold at more than $9,000 in 1988, this system will cost over $20,000 when bought today, thanks to 117.4% inflation. However, you can bet that it will not fare well by today’s standards.

3. Macintosh IIfx

3. Macintosh IIfx
@Fogus /,

Price: $23,615.12 ($12,000 in 1990)

By now, you have probably noticed that Apple released a few improved versions of the Macintosh II. The IIfx is yet another update to the second itineration of the Macintosh computer. It targeted businesses and workplaces but failed to capture the market.

This is because this machine, Apple’s 15th computer at that time, lagged behind existing systems during that time. Despite being touted as a super-fast computer, other offerings remained more competitive than this version.

2. Apple LISA

2. Apple LISA,

Price: $25,811.18 ($9,995 in 1983)

Named after Steve Job’s daughter Lisa, LISA was state-of-the-art creation in 1983, hence its exorbitant price tag. Even today, this system ranks as the second most expensive product released by Apple and would cost over $25,000 today.

The reason why it is praised as a pioneer of its kind? LISA is the first mouse-operated computer with a graphical interface. It also has two removable disk drives with a keyboard. Now, take a look at the most expensive entry below and see the difference.

1. Mac Pro

1. Mac Pro,

Price: $5,999 to $53,799 in 2019

Apple’s latest computer to be released, the 2019 Mac Pro is certainly a huge upgrade from the then-pioneer, LISA. It boasts of 1.5TB memory with two graphic processing units. It is also equipped with a 28-core processor, making it an extremely powerful machine. 

Just like its 2013 version, this new Mac Pro is the subject of memes because of its appearance. Many liken it to a cheese grater. Well, what a luxurious cheese grater this is!,,

As a tech giant, Apple has certainly reached new heights with their computers and smart devices. In the years to come, we are sure to see more of this company, especially with its successful iPhone line.

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