World’s Top Ten Most Exclusive Members’ Establishments

When you hear the word exclusive, what often comes to mind is the money involved. Next, it is the luxurious establishments, facilities, and special treatment from the staff. It’s no wonder why influential and famous people enjoy exclusive members-only establishments to mingle with people in the same social class. 

One cannot simply enter member-only establishments unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars for registration and annual fees. These places service only private members, who are used to exclusivity, away from the public. The members of such clubs, restaurants, and hotels are either celebrities, royalty, business moguls, or politicians.


In this article, we are going to look at the world’s most exclusive establishments. These places require more than just money, but also referral and votes from existing members and board members. 

10. Silencio, Paris

10. Silencio, Paris

Membership fee: $1,000

Silencio is one of Paris’ premier clubs for individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to their professional field, especially arts and culture. This club opened its doors to members since 2011, although rather new, the club already set its name in Paris in terms of exclusivity.

For someone to be a member of this club, a membership fee of $1,000 is required plus an $85 monthly fee. The club offers a broad setting consisting of a restaurant, a bar, a private screening room, an art library, and of course, a concert hall.

9. The Arts Club, London

9. The Arts Club, London,

Membership fee: $1,299

For decades, The Arts Club in London has positioned itself as one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, offering luxurious dining and lounging, art exhibitions, a well-stocked cigar room, and more. This place screams elegance, from the fine dining garden setting to the drawing-room and other member-exclusive facilities.

As a member of this club, one can get access to the finest collections of first-edition books in the United Kingdom, enjoy priority reservations, and free access to special events like masterclasses. When it comes to drinks, The Art Club does not disappoint with a well-curated cocktail menu. For people who fancy art, being a member of this club is definitely worth it, even if you have to spare $1,299 annually for the club membership.

8. The Australian Club, Sydney

8. The Australian Club, Sydney

Membership fee: $1,500

The Australian Club in Sydney is taking clubbing to a new level, with world-class dining and lounging areas exclusive for members only. Becoming a member is a long process and consists of an interview, an evaluation process, and the four-figure membership fee. 

Once you become a member, you can get access to exclusive events happening ar the club and be can rub elbows with renowned surgeons, high-ranking officials, judges, barristers, and more. The best part is being able to access ensuite apartments and business facilities. 

7. Cercle de Lorraine, Belgium

7. Cercle de Lorraine, Belgium,

Membership fee: $2,414

Men in their prime and retired years can benefit from joining a club, in terms of expanding networks and connections. The $2,414 initiation fee at the Cercle de Lorraine in Belgium, offers members exclusive cigar tasting dinners, cocktail parties, cultural exhibitions, and other luxurious trips. 

Because many people want to get in, the club association carefully assesses the applicants. The Voting Committee gets to pick applicants who have an impressive background.

6. The American Club, Hong Kong

6. The American Club, Hong Kong,

Membership fee: $5,900

Another renowned club in East Asia is The American Club in Hong Kong. Being a member is considered the equivalent having a golden ticket to access the best bars overlooking the Victoria Harbour and Tai Tam Bay. 

In addition to the high-class dining and lounging facilities, members are also entitled to use sporting facilities at Macau Gold and Country Club, Lotus Hill Golf Resort, and Happy Valley Racecourse. The best part? Enjoying the same perks at 80 prestigious clubs all over the world, in a reciprocal membership. Members get access to all of those for the 4-digit membership fee at The American Club.

5. Kee Club, Shanghai

5. Kee Club, Shanghai,

Membership fee: $7,298 annual

Kee Club is an exclusive and high-class club for wealthy and powerful members. The Hong Kong origin of the club closed but the Shanghai counterpart is still serving its members. 

Members are basically paying for the exclusivity of the club, its rich history, and out-of-this-world food and drinks. In addition, members get access to a myriad of art exhibitions, limited to the elite only. 

4. Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo

4. Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo

Membership fee: $11,697

Roppongi is a known spot for entertainment in Japan, with bars dotted across alleys and highways. But if you are after the best views with the most exclusive clubs, the Roppongi Hills Club is as exclusive as it gets.

Boasting seven restaurants and two gigantic bars, the Roppongi Hills Club is a sight. Members get to dine and drink overlooking Tokyo, plus meet other elite members of the club. If you want to be a member, you don’t just need money because a referral can pave the way for you. Speaking of money, the registration fee is $11,697 or 1.2 million Yen, plus $1,755 annual membership fee and a refundable deposit of $4, 874 for withdrawal of membership.

3. Capital Club, Dubai

3. Capital Club, Dubai

Membership fee: $15,150

Dubai’s finest membership club provides a host of privileges to members including unlimited access to a private meeting and dining rooms, clubs, bars, and terraces, exclusive bedroom suites with 24/7 butlers, and more. 

For the registration price of $15,150, members can also take advantage of sister clubs’ facilities like King Hussein Club, Le Yacht Club, The Diplomatic Club in Saudi Arabia, and the Core Club in New York.

2. The Carnegie Club, Dornoch

2. The Carnegie Club, Dornoch
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Membership fee: $34,000

When it comes to luxury, The Carnegie Club takes on the challenge with Victorian architecture, an all-inclusive membership rate, and access to the world’s most exclusive clubs. 

Every time a member visits the residential club, they can experience exquisite dining and hospitality unlike any other. The all-inclusive rate includes all food and drinks at the club, without the bills to sign while you are there. The view is simply mesmerizing and members can even take home a complimentary gift bag from the club.

1. The CORE Club, New York

1. The CORE Club, New York

Membership fee: $37,000

The number one spot on the list is none other than The Core Club in New York. With curated dining experience and added perks, members get a return on investment for paying thirty grand for the registration alone. 

Being a member of this club allows you to access a host of art exhibitions happening at the very establishment. In addition to art series, exclusive concerts are also available for members as well as benefits from partner brands like Bulgari.,,

The elites will always find a way to blend with other powerful groups of individuals, anywhere in the world. By being in a club, members get to experience the renowned service and artistry that comes with a high price. Some of these clubs even reject celebrities and politicians with dirt in their backgrounds.

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