Top 10 Celebrities With Even More Famous Children

10. Brendan Gleeson

10. Brendan Gleeson,

Net Worth: $4 Million

Brendan Gleeson is an Irish actor who has appeared in many notable and well-loved films such as Braveheart, Artificial Intelligence and Lake Placid. He was also in the Harry Potter franchise as Alastor Moody with his son Domnhall Gleeson, who played Bill Weasley.

Domnhall gained popularity for his role in Harry Potter. After playing one of the Weasley brothers he has been in other works such as the Be Right Back episode in the science fiction anthology Black Mirror. He also played Tomas McGregor in the new Peter Rabbit films.

9. Robert Pine

9. Robert Pine,

Net Worth: $4 Million

Known for his roles in various TV shows Robert Pine is known was a prolific actor during his time. He is popular for playing Sgt. Joseph Getraer in the show CHiPs. Aside from being on TV for many projects he has also acted in films such as Gunpoint and Independence Day.

While he is one of the most active actors in his time, his son Chris Pine is definitely more popular than him today. Debuting in the film Princess Diaries 2, Chris is now known for his roles in the Star Trek movies as Capt. James T. Kirk and in Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor.

8. Eric Roberts

8. Eric Roberts,

Net Worth: $10 Million

Brother to famous actress Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts gained recognition for his role in the movie King of Gypsies. In fact, he was nominated for a Golden Globes Award for his work. Since then, he has been nominated for and won several awards from various bodies.

His daughter Emma Roberts is following in his and Julia’s footsteps with her numerous acting projects. From being Addie Singer in Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous to her roles in American Horror Story, Emma definitely has the celebrity gene.

7. Billy Ray Cyrus

7. Billy Ray Cyrus
@NanSpan /,

Net Worth: $20 Million

You might have thought that Billy Ray Cyrus’s singing career has come and gone with Achy Breaky Heart but he has definitely made a comeback with Old Town Road alongside Lil Nas X. In fact, it even won two Grammy awards which he dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant.

If you know Billy Ray, you know his daughter Miley Cyrus, especially as the two appeared together in the Disney show Hannah Montana. With Miley’s acting and singing career, along with some controversies in the past, Miley has undoubtedly surpassed her dad’s popularity.

6. John Drew Barrymore

6. John Drew Barrymore,

Net Worth: $36 Million

Belonging in a showbiz dynasty, John Drew Barrymore followed in the footsteps of his father John Barrymore. In fact, his siblings Ethel and Lionel are award-winning actors, too. Moreover his half-sister Diana Barrymore also had a career in acting. 

By the sound of his name, you surely know who his daughter is. John Drew Barrymore is the father or former child wonder Drew Barrymore. Since her appearance in E.T., she has been in notable works such as Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates and Way Back Into Love.

5. Melanie Griffith

5. Melanie Griffith,

Net Worth: $40 Million

Starting her career in indie thriller movies, Melanie Griffith was certainly one of the most active actresses during her time. She has starred in numerous projects including Buffalo Girls, Mulholland Falls, and Lolita. She remains to be active in the industry today.

Her daughter Dakota Johnson is one of the hottest stars in the past years with her work in the Fifty Shades films and the 2018 reboot of horror film Suspiria. Her father, Don Johnson is also a known actor.

4. Yolanda Hadid

4. Yolanda Hadid,

Net Worth: $45 Million

Famous for her appearance in the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid actually started her career as a fashion model. In fact, 15 years of her career were dedicated to modeling.

In light of this, there is no wonder that her three children Gigi, Bella, and Anwar are all known for their modeling careers. The siblings are so successful in their chosen paths that two of them made it to the list of the highest-paid supermodels today.

3. Jon Voight

3. Jon Voight,

Net Worth: $55 Million

Award-winning actor Jon Voight is known for his performances in Midnight Cowboy, Deliverance, and Coming Home. He also played Franklin D. Roosevelt in Pearl Harbor. Because of his notable projects, he was recently awarded the National Medal of Arts.

Aside from his works, Jon is also famous for his tumultuous relationship with his daughter Angeline Jolie. The actress, who is known for her various works in Hollywood and humanitarian endeavors, has received the title of the highest-paid actress on many occasions.

2. Kris Jenner

2. Kris Jenner,

Net Worth: $90 Million

Anyone who has seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians surely know who Kris Jenner is. Starting off as a flight attendant, Kris definitely worked hard to get where she is today. Aside from being a reality star, she is also a businesswoman, momager, and writer. 

Who is more popular than Kris Jenner in the family? Her children, of course! With the fame and fortune Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie, this already famous momager has been beaten by her offspring in terms of popularity.

1. Caitlyn Jenner

1. Caitlyn Jenner,

Net Worth: $100 Million

Of course, we cannot mention Kris Jenner without mentioning Caitlyn Jenner. However, she has earned her popularity in her own right for being one of the most remarkable athletes. In 1976, she won the Decathlon event in the Olympic Games.

So, there is no wonder that when she married Kris Jenner back in 1991, they became one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. Nevertheless, her daughters are enjoying more fame and fortune, especially Kylie who is considered the youngest billionaire today.,,

These parents are definitely famous but their children are more popular than them today. And there is no question about this as they probably got their looks and talents from their parents.

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