The Top Earning Stand-Up Comedians In 2019

10. Aziz Ansari

10. Aziz Ansari,

2019 Earnings: $13 million

Most known for his role as Tom Haverford on the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari is one of the biggest stand-up comedians of today’s age. Armed with relatable anecdotal comedies and an overriding sense of silliness, the Master of None artist is widely regarded to be one of the major icons in the modern comedic landscape.

Taking pride in his Southern roots, the brown comedian incorporates topics of racism, ethnic stereotyping, and sexual politics into his humor – but in a less confrontational style that is packed with genuine emotions. 

In 2019 alone, Ansari was reported to have earned a total of $13 million, making him one of the wealthiest stand-up comedians today.

9. Jeff Dunham

9. Jeff Dunham,

2019 Earnings: $15 million

Coming up next on our list is none other than America’s favorite ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Imparting comedy through his clever antics and witty puppet manipulation, the stand-up comedian has proven himself to be one of the biggest names in the industry.

In fact, following the success of 2017’s “Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster,” the American comedian is set to take on another major step in the comic canon with the release of another Netflix Originals Stand-up Special, “Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself,” along with an upcoming international tour.

In 2019 alone, Dunham was reported to have garnered a total of $15 million.

8. Terry Fator

8. Terry Fator,

2019 Earnings: $17 million

As you might just have expected, Terry Fator stands as one of the wealthiest stand-up comedians of today’s era. Bearing the titles of a singer, comedian, impressionist, and ventriloquist, Fator was able to make a name for himself and win the hearts of many with his witty celebrity impersonations, comedic banter, and impressive vocal impressions.

To date, the “America‘s Got Talent“ winner is said to have earned a total of $17 million, establishing him as one of the biggest comedians to watch out for.

7. Amy Schumer

7. Amy Schumer,

2019 Earnings: $21 million

Standing as the only woman to make it on our list, Amy Schumer has proven herself to be a giant in the industry. Entering the scene in the early 2000s, Schumer later made her mark in the comic canon as a contestant on the fifth season of the NBC reality competition series Last Comic Standing in 2007.

To date, while the comedian-actress decided to cut her tour short due to health issues, Schumer has still managed to secure an estimated $21 million in the past year and is even set to have a Netflix special coming out in 2020.

6. Gabriel Iglesias

6.  Gabriel Iglesias,

2019 Earnings: $22 million

You bet it. When it comes to stand-up comedy, no list could ever be complete without the mention of Gabriel Iglesias. Widely recognized for this shows “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ and “Hot & Fluffy,” the Mexican-American comedian and actor remains to be an icon in the comedy realm.

In fact, just recently, reports have revealed Gabriel Iglesias will be coming to Fox’s hit reality singing competition, The Mask Singer, on a panel along with Will Arnett.

Overall, Iglesias was said to have earned a total of $22 million from June 1, 2018, through June 1, 2019, Forbes reported.

5. Sebastian Maniscalco

5. Sebastian Maniscalco,

2019 Earnings: $26 million

Coming in a spot ahead of Iglesias is none other than American stand-up comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco. Starting his comedic career in 1998 with open mic performances at the Four Seasons Hotel where he worked as a waiter, Maniscalco has managed to maintain his position as a well-loved comedian – supported by his sold-out arena and theatre shows, a best-selling memoir, and a “Comedian of the Year” award from Billboard.

As of recently, Maniscalco was said to have garnered a staggering $26 million for 2019 alone.

4. Trevor Noah

4. Trevor Noah,

2019 Earnings: $28 million

A producer, actor, writer, television host, and comedian, there seems to be nothing that Trevor Noah can’t do. At age 35, the South African comedian has already reached the heights aspiring comedians have long been dreaming about – with three Emmys nominations, a one-hour stand-up special on Comedy Central, an award-winning documentary film, and a Peabody Award-winning show to host. With these credentials up his sleeves, it can be easily deduced that bigger things are to be expected from him.

To date, the Noah stands as one of the wealthiest stand-up comedians in the industry, garnering a total of $28 million for 2019 alone.

3. Jim Gaffigan

3. Jim Gaffigan,

2019 Earnings: $30 million

Regarded to be one of the most popular American stand-up comedians, Jim Gaffigan seems to encapsulate what the fresh newbies of stand-up comedy aspire to become. From being a five-time Grammy-nominated comedian, a two-time Emmy Awards-winner, to a New York Times best-selling writer, the Indiana native has remarkably set the bar of stand-up comedy to a whole new different level.

In 2019, Forbes estimated his earnings to be about $30 million.

2. Jerry Seinfeld

2. Jerry Seinfeld,

2019 Earnings: $41 million

Most notable for playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom Seinfeld, this American stand-up comedian has managed to bag the second spot in our list with his $41 million earnings in 2019. Born with a natural passion for making other people laugh, Seinfeld has proven himself to be a scientist of comedy.

With countless TV guest appearances, sitcom roles, and record-breaking arena gigs, the stand-up comedian now takes comfort in his private jet, more than 40 vintage Porsches, and a net worth of $950 million.

1. Kevin Hart

1. Kevin Hart,

2019 Earnings: $59 million

And now, coming on our top spot is none other than everyone’s favorite stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart. At an early age, Hart has long been practicing his passion for comedy, as proven by the countless awards he had received from winning several amateur comedy competitions across New England. It was not until 2001, after being cast in the hit TV series Undeclared, that the American comedian finally made his way into the national spotlight. 

From there, Hart’s popularity continued to grow until he soon became widely recognized as one of the biggest faces in stand-up comedy worldwide. To date, he stands on top of the wealthiest stand-up comedians with a whopping $59 million in earnings for the past year alone.,,

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