These Are The 10 Wealthiest Children In The World Right Now

10. Dannielynn Birkhead

10. Dannielynn Birkhead,

Net Worth: $59 million 

Snagging the 10th spot is Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of the deceased Playboy model and actress Anna Nicole Smith. She inherited that assets left behind by her mother, making her one of the richest kids in the world.

Aside from receiving her mother’s wealth, this kid is also making her own money through various modeling gigs. In fact, she became the face of Guess Kids back in 2013 when she was just six years old. This was totally following in her mother’s footsteps as Smith was also a Guess model!

9. Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt

9. Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt,

Net Worth: $67.5 million

Twin siblings Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt probably don’t need an introduction. As children of two esteemed personalities in the entertainment industry, it is easy to see why these two are worth as much as $67.5 million. 

A large portion of the twins’ wealth is credited to the celebrity and hard work of their parents. However, the pair has already been gaining attention since their birth. Their very first photograph purportedly sold for a whopping $14 million.

8. Rose Dauriac-Johansson

8. Rose Dauriac-Johansson,

Net Worth: $100 million

Being the daughter of Black Widow definitely has its perks. Rose Dauriac-Johansson is the child of actress Scarlett Johansson and French journalist Romain Dauriac. While her mother is extremely famous, she likes to keep Rose out of the public eye. 

In fact, she rarely talks about her child in public. However, she could not help but reveal that little Rose has been enamored by fairy tales and Disney princesses. She has also taken interest in “girl stuff,” which her mother also loves.

7. North and Saint West

7. North and Saint West,

Net Worth: $100 million each

Daughter and son of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Kim Kardashian-West and rapper Kanye-West, there is no surprise that North and Saint are on this list. The two are reportedly worth $100 million each, making them two of the wealthiest children in Holywood.

They have also appeared in some episodes of the reality show, giving them a taste of fame at a young age. The siblings have also been making money from modeling gigs. The most amazing part about it is that North has a million-dollar trust fund.

6. Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline

6. Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline,

Net Worth: $200 million combined

Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline are the sons of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. They reportedly have cumulative wealth of $200 million.

The Federline brothers definitely gained their fortunes from their mother. However, they are also making their own money from their various appearances not only on television but also in magazines such as People Magazine.

5. Suri Cruise

5. Suri Cruise,

Net Worth: $800 million

Suri Cruise’s parents are two of the hottest celebrities of their time, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri, sadly, does not have a relationship with her father. However, the two allegedly spent some time together over the 2019 holidays.

Suri’s assets come from the success of her parents. Moreover, she is expected to receive valuable estates should her parents die. She is also Instagram popular, with many known brands following her account.

4. Blue Ivy Carter

4. Blue Ivy Carter,

Net Worth: $1 billion

Breaking the billion-dollar barrier, Blue Ivy Carter is another child blessed with talented and rich parents. Born to music artists Beyonce and Jay-Z, there is no wonder why this kid is on this list. In fact, her wealth has been growing since her birth. 

Blue Ivy has enjoyed a lot of lavish gifts from her parents. From her carriage crib that cost tens of thousands of dollars to jewel-encrusted pacifiers, this kid definitely knows the meaning of being rich. Some sources even say that she received a $600,000 rocking horse!

3. Prince George Alexander Louis

3. Prince George Alexander Louis,

Net Worth: $1 billion

Royalty are known to be some of the richest people in the world. This is why you have been expecting Prince George of Cambridge on this list. Even before he was born, he has been enjoying his fame and royalty.

Now that he is six years old, he remains to be one of the most popular children in the world. In fact, he even has an influence over the lifestyles of many parents and babies. The Prince George Effect had caused a lot of boys his age to be dressed just like the prince.

2. Moulay Hassan

2. Moulay Hassan,

Net Worth: $1 billion

Another prince on this list, Moulay Hassan is the crown prince of Morocco.  He became famous after is his appearance at the One Planet Summit with his father. Moreover, he was the youngest royalty to attend the conference.

Aside from his mere presence, he also gained attention for his interest in the topic at hand. He was seen engaging with leaders about sustainability, causing him to reach international headlines. His wealth is expected to increase as he assumes the throne.

1. Princess Charlotte

1. Princess Charlotte,

Net Worth: $5 billion

If you thought a prince would be the richest kid, then think again. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is the wealthiest child in the world with a whopping $5 billion under her name at age four. In fact, she was expected to be worth more than her brother even before she was born.

Just like the Prince, she has an effect named after her called the Princess Charlotte effect. This one has a bigger impact as anything perceived to be endorsed by her and her family is expected to rack up millions in revenue.,,

The wealth of their parents combined with their own fame evidently has an effect on the value of these kids. With such net worths, these kids are definitely deserving of their spots on this list.

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