Top 10 Dog Breeds That Cost A Pretty Penny

10. Saluki

10. Saluki,

Price: $2,500

Considered the oldest dog breed in the world, the Saluki reportedly has origins from Egypt from over 3,000 years ago. While you may normally associate ancient Egypt with sphinxes and other cats that are treated like royalty, dogs such as Salukis were not given the same level of treatment. Instead, they were shunned and seen as disposable creatures whose meat can be hunted and eaten.

Today, the Saluki breed is considered to be one of the rarest and most prized breeds around the world. Because of their slim physique and their adaptability, many individuals want to get these dogs to help them hunt. With the ability to reach up to 28 inches and weigh 60 pounds, a Saluki pup can cost you $2,500.

9. Canadian Eskimo Dog

9. Canadian Eskimo Dog,

Price: $3,000

A Canadian Eskimo puppy remains in high demand today thanks to its ability to pull huge amounts of weight across long distances. Upon reaching full-size, these are known to carry 45 to 80 kilos of cargo or individuals from 15 to 70 miles per day. Their thick coat helps them withstand cold and harsh weather. However, as a breed trained and geared towards hard work, they are much more suited to the outdoors than being inside pets.

8. Akita

8. Akita,

Price: $4,500

The tale of Hachiko left us feeling sad and blue. But watching the film also opened the viewers’ eyes to the loyalty of this breed, which is one of its endearing and adoring qualities. A Japanese breed that’s known to grow huge over time, this gentle giant is greatly protective of its owners and their family, making them the perfect companion for life. Puppies can cost $4,500, especially if all the papers are included.

7. Löwchen

7. Löwchen,

Price: $5,000

Also known as the ‘Little Lion Dog,’ the Löwchen packs on a lot of heart for someone small. Often considered a non-sporting dog, this particular breed has gained continuous popularity in Europe primarily because of its low-maintenance condition. Though the Löwchen remains popular, its price remains relatively high. These dogs have a protective yet affectionate nature.

6. Pharaoh Hound

6. Pharaoh Hound
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Price: $6,500

If you’ve seen Egyptian hieroglyphics, you might recognize this fella right here due to its prominent features. Its tall and slender physique made it the perfect companion for hunting rabbits in ancient times. Plus, its long ears can hear crisp sounds even from afar. Despite being known as hunting dogs, the Pharaoh Hound has a sweet and goofy personality that’s beloved by many.

5. Rottweiler

5. Rottweiler,

Price: $8,000

Rottweilers are often depicted as fierce and ferocious. If you are a fan of White Chicks, you may notice that Latrell Spencer has this dog guarding his home – and rightly so because this breed is known for their natural protective instincts. However, contrary to their tough exterior, these dogs are loyal and loving. They are also gentle with kids. The caveat? CBS News says Rottweilers are among the dog breeds which require high insurance coverage, around $300 per year.

4. Chow Chow

4. Chow Chow,

Price: $8,500

Chow Chows are especially adorable because of their perpetually smiling faces. Not to mention, they resemble a large teddy bear that’s as cuddly and fluffy as the real thing. With the ability to grow up to 70 pounds, these gentle giants are recognized for their loyalty and attentiveness, thereby ensuring their love and attention even when they grow up.

3. English Bulldog

3. English Bulldog,

Price: $9,000

One of the more popular breeds today, the English Bulldog, was originally known as a dogfighter with a bad temper. In the olden days, this breed was used for fighting against other dogs. However, in a loving and caring environment, these bullies are sure friendly and calm. Some may even want to cozy up to you every so often. This breed also requires regular health checks and overall medical attention because of its huge, bulky body structure.

2. Samoyed

2. Samoyed
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Price: $11,000

With Siberian origins, the Samoyed is also known for its hardworking nature. It is known as a herder and natural leader, thereby popular on farms and ranches for herding animals. They often appear smiling and happy even in the thick of winter due to their white, furry coat. Owning this particular breed can cost a hefty sum. Apart from maintaining its coat, it is also at risk for certain conditions like hip dysplasia.

1. Red Tibetan Mastiff

1. Red Tibetan Mastiff,

Price: $2 million

What dog breed that commands the highest price tag? It is no other than the Red Tibetan Mastiff. Dubbed as the most expensive dog in the world, these have sold for more than $2 million in China as reported by HuffPost. A native in the Himalayan region, this type of dog is known for its protective instincts, making it effective in herding flocks and guarding animals and people alike.


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How much are you willing to spend this Christmas, especially for a dog you’re sure to love? Whether you’re in the mood for giving or simply have the extra bucks to give extravagant gifts, these expensive dog breeds will surely give you a run for your money.

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