Top 10 High-Priced Makeup Products Ever Created

Many individuals are fond of using makeup and experimenting with beauty looks. Many people wish to express their artistic side through the canvas they know best – their faces. Because of this, choosing what goes and stays on their skin is important.

From putting on lipstick to ensuring an even base, some individuals are willing to go to great lengths in order to get the best in the cosmetic industry. After all, these items exude luxury and opulence with every swipe. Thankfully, there are numerous high-end brands who can cater to these audiences. 


While there are drugstore dupes and more affordable finds, nothing beats the precious ingredients that go into manufacturing these products. You know what they say, enter the world of beauty and you’re sure to come out with your hands full every time. Continue reading to learn more about the most expensive makeup products ever created.

10. Sisley- Paris – L’Orchidée Highlighter Blush

10. Sisley- Paris – L’Orchidée Highlighter Blush,

Price: $110

Highlighter has become a huge beauty trend these days. Apart from allowing users to fake glowing, healthy skin, it also provides a sense of freshness that makes one look youthful and natural. Partnered with the right blush, people can perfectly master their no-makeup, makeup look.

Thankfully, Sisley Paris has created the best of both worlds in this makeup product; a highlighter and blush in one. This one is made with white lily extracts that meld with the natural oils of the skin. Its trio of pearl-diffusing properties makes this a handy staple in just about any makeup bag.

9. La Bouche Rouge – Lipstick Set

9. La Bouche Rouge – Lipstick Set,

Price: $152 – $186

Beauty enthusiasts love a cosmetics brand that advocates for sustainability and La Bouche Rouge is not one to disappoint. Made with vegan and sustainable products, this particular brand promises to deliver luxurious lipsticks and pigmented swipes in every set.

Though the price might seem steep, know that every order comes with the finest calfskin leather encasing the bullet lipstick with the color of your choice. The set also comes with a color refill, so it’s not all bad, right? Prices start at $152 for the standard offerings available, while customized shades and engravings start at $182 a pop.

8. La Prairie – Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15

8. La Prairie – Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation Sunscreen SPF 15,

Price: $240

La Praire is no stranger to the world of luxury and this caviar-based concealer-foundation product is a testament to their ingenuity. Formulated with sunscreen, this particular creation ensures that your base is covered with just one nifty product. 

According to People Magazine, Mindy Kaling loves this brand. She is a fan of this particular product line primarily because this keeps her skin hydrated without experiencing any breakouts.

7. Clé De Peau Beauté – The Foundation

7. Clé De Peau Beauté – The Foundation,

Price: $250

A long-kept secret of Japan, Clé De Peau Beauté has just been recently making rounds in the beauty world with its claims to cover imperfections while still hydrating the skin. Formulated with an SPF rating of 21, this is guaranteed to give you that boost of protection against the sun.

An industry secret, this foundation – along with its concealer – gained popularity among makeup artists, celebrities, and models alike. Those who swear by this brand include Rosie Huntington-Whitely, with beauty vloggers Tati and Jeffree Star raving about the most expensive foundation in the world. Coming in a lucite-and-glass jar, this is elegance at its finest.

6. La Prairie – Skin Caviar Absolute Filler

6. La Prairie – Skin Caviar Absolute Filler,

Price: $630

Makeup gurus say makeup works best when the skin is primed. This product from La Prairie does just that. Though technically a concealer, the caviar-infused moisturizing cream works well as a skin filler that smoothens fines lines and hydrates the skin. This may just be why this comes with a high price tag, apart from the fact that it’s made with caviar and features cutting-edge airless pump technology.

5. Kevyn Aucoin Brush Set

5. Kevyn Aucoin Brush Set,

Price: $650

Kevyn Aucoin is known in the fashion and beauty world as one of the best cosmetic gurus of his time. Having pioneered the sculpted look on Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Cher, Madonna, and many others, there’s no denying that the makeup artist invested in a good set of tools to get him by. Created specifically for him and his brand, this brush set comes with 14 complete pieces for every need.

4. Krē•āt Beauty – Diamond Eyelashes

4. Krē•āt Beauty – Diamond Eyelashes

Price: $1,350

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If this is the case, the diamond fake half lashes are sure to get you there. Lined with 18-karat gold and diamonds, these are guaranteed to have anyone’s heart fluttering with just one look. If you have the means to shell out more than a thousand bucks for these eyelashes, these would go well with your holiday look this season.

3. Krē•āt Beauty – Gold and Artis Bespoke Brush

3. Krē•āt Beauty – Gold and Artis Bespoke Brush,

Price: $25,000

As another Krē•āt Beauty find, this over-the-top brush set clocks in at a whopping $25,000. L’Officiel recognized this for being the most expensive brush set. Although paddle-shaped brushes are not new on the market, what makes them extraordinary, are the metallic finishes in white gold. Not to mention, the handles are decked out with rubies, white diamonds, or black diamonds.

2. Guerlain – KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick

2. Guerlain – KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick,

Price: $62,000

Guerlain was already known as a luxury brand, but in 2007, the company topped the charts by making the KissKiss Gold and Diamonds creation. Studded with 199 conflict-free diamonds and made with a 110-gram, 18-karat gold tube, this baby made rounds as it retailed for $62,000. In total, the diamonds came out to 2.2 carats, together with rubies and other emeralds.

1. H. Couture – Mascara

1. H. Couture – Mascara ,

Price: $14 million

Love using mascara to give your peepers the bright-eyed look they need? The now-defunct H. Couture previously made a $14-million mascara where a thousand Swarovski crystals surrounded the 18-karat tube. In addition to these crystals, 2,500 blue diamonds also enveloped the tube. The saving grace to this million-dollar priced mascara? Free refills whenever you run out.,,

Beauty lovers and makeup enthusiasts will surely raise their eyebrows at these prices. However, deep inside, these cosmetic fanatics definitely wish they could get their hands on these pieces.

Which of these would you want to try out for yourself?

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