The 10 Highest Grossing Clothing Brands in America

Clothing may be a basic necessity but there is nothing stopping it from becoming a luxurious industry. From top-of-the-line and innovative designs to the choice quality of the materials used, prices of clothing pieces can definitely be costly. Moreover, once clothing brands gain prominence and become known for the superiority they are able to deliver, their products can cost more just for bearing the brand name.

Because of this, there is no wonder why franchises in America has become some of the most recognized and enduring names in the clothing industry. From stores that exclusively cater to the sporty niche to those that specialize in excellent-quality jeans, popular brands in the United States have been raking in the money. 


So, it is no secret that clothing brands are some of the most profitable businesses in the country. Wondering what brands make the most money? Check out this list.

10. Tommy Hilfiger

10. Tommy Hilfiger,

Revenue: $4.3 billion

Coming in at 10 is Tommy Hilfiger, a premium apparel brand under its parent company PVH Corp. The brand is known for its timeless lifestyle pieces that reflect the spirit of American fashion. Despite this, it gives its pieces a unique touch, making them recognizable.

Tommy Hilfiger makes more than $4 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing clothing franchises in the country. It shares the same parent company as other popular fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, IZOD, Arrow and Speedo.

9. Under Armour

9. Under Armour,

Revenue: $5.19 billion

Specializing in sportswear and athletic undergarments, Under Armour is a brand that is acknowledged for its innovation in the apparel and sports industry. It utilizes high-quality materials for its lines complete with designs that maximize comfort and performance.

One of its latest products is the UA HOVR line of shoes. These pairs are touted as running shoes that can coach the wearer through the official UA app. It can be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth to better monitor the wearer’s activities.

8. Levi’s

8. Levi’s,

Revenue: $5.57 billion

People looking for a great pair of jeans that can last for years have definitely checked out what Levi’s has to offer. From their durable denim pants and shorts to jackets that complete the style, Levi’s is the go-to brand for premium denim pieces.

Established by Levi Strauss back in 1853, its jeans were meant to be hard-wearing pieces of clothing for laborers such as miners and cowboys. Today, the brand is focused on providing jeans that are not only functional but also fun and fashionable.

7. Polo Ralph Lauren

7. Polo Ralph Lauren

Revenue: $6.31 billion

Carrying mid-range to high-end lines, Polo Ralph Lauren has become a popular brand for its timeless and classy clothing lines. The apparel company started back in 1968 when Ralph Lauren created his first menswear line. Today, the brand has its own lines for women and kids.

While the brand is now known as a mid- to high-range name, it has become more accessible to consumers thanks to the company’s online partners. The franchise is also present in many parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia.

6. Victoria’s Secret

6. Victoria’s Secret,

Revenue: $13.2 billion

This womenswear and lingerie designer and manufacturer has gained popularity over the years for its fashionable intimate wear. The name became bigger with its fashion showcase featuring Victoria’s Secret angels and performances by popular musicians

It has also been diving into beauty products and fragrances. You can snag perfumes with a wide variety of scents from any Victoria’s Secret store. Moreover, it also carries lotions, moisturizing cream and body wash, just to name a few cosmetics.

5. Vans

5. Vans,

Revenue: $13.8 billion

Vans is known for its skateboarding shoes and outerwear. It is designed for active individuals who love skateboarding and skating culture, giving their shows and accessories a distinct style closely associated with skaters.

When it comes to shoes, its pieces are easy to distinguish, especially with the simplicity yet fashion that comes with its design. It carries men’s, women’s and kids’ footwear. The best thing about it is that the company offers customization services for shoes and even backpacks.

3. Gap

3. Gap,

Revenue: $16.3 billion

Banana Republic and Gap are under the same parent company, Gap, Inc. This could be the reason why the two share the same environment-friendly goal. It seeks to minimize its consumption of water during production and uses environmental and farmer-friendly materials.

Moreover, it makes a point to contribute to the livelihood of people it works with. It also encourages its customers to help with its eco-friendly initiatives. Additionally, it participates in various advocacies such as breast cancer awareness.

4. Banana Republic

4. Banana Republic

Revenue: $16.6 billion

Before we had H&M, we had Banana Republic. Known for its diverse lines, it is recognized for offering creative and fun clothes for all. In fact, the company boasts of fabric innovation that lets wearers show off their personality without compromising comfort. 

Aside from innovation, the brand also takes pride in its sustainability efforts. It seeks to minimize water and air pollution in the making of its clothes. In fact, the firm seeks to increase its use of water-saving techniques by up to 50% by 2025.

2. Old Navy

2. Old Navy,

Revenue: $16.6 billion

Another brand under Gap Inc., Old Navy is known for its classic and timeless pieces. With offerings that cater to diverse individuals including pregnant women and plus size individuals, Old Navy has become a great source of fashionable and practical clothes.

Just like its sister companies, it also advocates for sustainability. From water-saving to sustainable sourcing of materials, customers can rest assured that these brands do their part in terms of corporate social responsibility.

1. Nike

1. Nike,

Revenue: $36.4 billion

Nike snags the top spot in this list with a whopping $36.4 billion revenue in 2019. This sportswear giant belongs to Forbes 500 getting the 90th spot among the 500 companies. Records show that it was able to rake in $1.9 billion in profits in the past year.

The athletic apparel firm is known for its futuristic designs that make practicing sports more fashionable. Moreover, it is recognized for its partnerships in major sporting events, with sponsorships in various professional sports teams.



Fashion and clothing is definitely a successful industry in terms of the money companies are able to bring into the sector and the overall American market. How about you? Are you a fan of these clothing brands?

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