2019 Round-Up: 10 Highest-Grossing Horror Films

Horror movies remain to be an underrated genre. This is apparent especially in light of the controversial 2020 Golden Globes snub which failed to recognize entries from this area. With the release of excellent horror films such as Jordan Peele’s Us, you would think that they would get, at least, a nomination. 

This is a far cry from the prosperous run in 2018 in which films from the genre such as Peele’s Get Out were nominated. In fact, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water won Best Picture. This year, it seems that 2019 horror films will not be getting any critical acclaim from the Golden Globes.


Despite this, movies from this genre are raking in the cash. Curious if your favorite flick made the cut? Continue reading to find out the most successful horror films of 2019.

10. Midsommar

10. Midsommar
imdb.com, vox.com

Gross earnings: $37,032,309

One of the most praised horror movies this year, Midsommar comes in at 10th place when it comes to the worldwide box office. From production company A24, Ari Aster’s masterpiece offers a slow-burning tale of a couple’s inevitable breakup.

The box office performance of this film is no surprise, given the positive reception to Aster’s debut film Hereditary. Fans of this genre are sure to enjoy the almost psychedelic experience offered by Midsommar just like how Hereditary provides a maddening feeling.

9. Child’s Play

9. Child’s Play
amazon.com, cinapse.co

Gross earnings: $43,504,393

The 2019 reboot of 1988 cult classic is next with more than $43 million in gross earnings. This film follows a mother and son duo as they struggle with the menace that entered their lives, which is Chucky. However, this film provides a more modern approach, using CGI.

The addition of Aubrey Plaza, known for her role as April in Parks and Recreation, to the cast offers a refreshingly comedic take on the otherwise terrorizing tale featuring the murderous doll. In fact, she is proud to say that she is playing the mom in the film and not Chucky!

8. MA

8. MA
@UniveralPictures / YouTube.com, bloody-disgusting.com

Gross earnings: $60,626,845

From the company that brought us Peele’s Get Out and Us, MA comes as a political and social commentary. It tells the story of Sue Ann who befriends a group of teenagers. However, her friendship turns to obsession and that’s where the horror begins. 

While it strived to give a similar commentary as Get Out and Us, MA is seen by many as a blunder as it purportedly failed to get its message across due to poor execution. Too bad because Octavia Spencer, who plays Ma, offers a great performance.

7. Doctor Sleep

7. Doctor Sleep
imdb.com, biffbampop.com

Gross earnings: $71,143,181

The story of Dan Torrance from the 1980 film The Shining continues with Doctor Sleep. In this flick, Dan carries the terrors he experienced as a child. However, he is once more brought into the horror as he meets a teenage girl with an extrasensory gift similar to his.

Because this film comes decades after the first one, fans of the movie and its book were definitely looking forward to this installment and it shows. Just look at its box office performance, which garnered more than $71 million.

6. Crawl

6. Crawl
imdb.com, microsoft.com

Gross earnings: $90,014,193

Crawl enters 6th place as it gained popularity because of the well-loved and tension-filled take on the monster movie category. Telling the story of Haley and her father who got trapped in the crawl space of their home all while being hunted by a ferocious alligator. 

With the long line of successful movies with a similar theme, fans of the thriller genre will definitely like Crawl. Following the path of Jaws, Anaconda, and Piranha, this flick will definitely give viewers another beast to be scared of.

5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
amazon.com, insider.com

Gross earnings: $95,607,360

Written for the screen by Guillermo del Toro, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark offers a series of terrorizing stories from the perspective of a young girl. It is based on a series of children’s books, which offers creepy stories for children.

The books got caught in various controversies as they were advertised for kids despite having gruesome images. Being written by del Toro, fans expected it to make the Golden Globes nominations. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut.

4. Pet Sematary

4. Pet Sematary
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Gross earnings: $109,501,146

This film is the second reboot on this list. It is also the second entry that comes from the imagination of prolific horror writer Stephen King. It tells the familiar tale of the original Pet Sematary, complete with the dread that comes as the story progresses.

Perhaps part of the box office success is the praise from horror fans the original film got. To some extent, the reboot was able to achieve what the original did. However, as is mostly the norm, many people prefer the original.

3. The Curse of La Llorona

3. The Curse of La Llorona
bestbuy.com, cosmopolitan.com

Gross earnings: $121, 661,395

This film is based on the Latin American folklore called La Llorona. The movie tells the tale of a social worker and mother who becomes entangled with the myth and legend herself. As the stories go, the mother and her children are doomed when they hear La Llorona’s cries.

Called The Weeping Woman in English, the original legend tells a gruesome tale of a woman killing her children and then herself. The legend is also believed to have come from the stories of ancient Aztec Goddess who wept to foretell the arrival of the Spaniards.

2. Annabelle Comes Home

2. Annabelle Comes Home
amazon.co.uk, bloody-disgusting.com

Gross earnings: $228,541,881

Annabelle’s tale continues with this new installment to The Conjuring series. Gaining popularity from the first films, this new flick once again follows demonologist couple Ed and Lorrain Warren in their attempt to stop Annabelle.

The movie is widely favored for its portrayal of the real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigated the Amityville Horror House case. In fact, Annabelle is based on a true story of two roommates who claimed that their doll was possessed.

1. It: Chapter Two

1. It: Chapter Two
imdb.com, unica.ro

Gross earnings: $470,293,228

Another entry from the mind of Stephen King, It: Chapter Two is the follow up to the first movie It. Like Pet Sematary 2019, this is a reboot of the original. However, the 1990 material is a miniseries and not a movie.

Just like the first two entries, this film is based on the book by King. This second installment gives viewers the conclusion to the Lovecraftian monster that is Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

unica.ro, insider.com, bloody-disgusting.com

So, there you have it. These ten films released last year earned the most in the box office. Given the earnings and the stories provided above do you agree with the 2020 Golden Globes, as it snubbed these flicks?

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