Fashion Countdown: Lady Gaga’s 10 Costliest Outfits

10. Bowie Outfit Tribute

10. Bowie Outfit Tribute,

Cost: $28,000+

Nearly everyone would agree that Grammy’s 2016 made its mark on the public consciousness. Not only is this the year that Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year for her 1989, but it was also the event in which Lady Gaga stole the attention of many with her incredible David Bowie tribute outfit.

Appearing with a blue, shoulder-padded Marc Jacobs embroidered suit, Gaga yet again made it into the headlines. Not only did she walked on the red carpet mimicking the late artist’s trademark blue eyeshadow and flame hair, but she also paired the suit-like dress with some Lorraine Schwartz jewels and an absurd pair of high platform heels.

Although the popstar didn’t confirm the cost of the dress, sources confirmed that it takes at least $28,000 to buy an exclusive dress from Marc Jacobs, and surely, the dress of Gaga might have taken a lot more than that to be designed and purchased.

9. Meat Dress

9. Meat Dress,

Cost: $100,000+

Nearly a decade since the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga’s iconic “meat dress” remains to be part of the fashion world. Designed by artist and fashion designer Franc Fernandez, the dress has made it into the memories of the public as a symbol of fashion, absurdity, and protest. During the event, the popstar walked on stage wearing the fleshy outfit as a form of protest against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Not only was the dress made out of raw meat that was taxidermied and preserved like beef jerky, but it was also said to have cost approximately $100,000! 

To date, the iconic meat dress now belongs to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and can be viewed at the Women Who Rock section.

8. Armani Prive Dress

8. Armani Prive Dress
@MariaProi /,

Cost: $125,000+

Another legendary outfit that deserves to be part of our list is none other than Lady Gaga’s Armani Prive Dress, which she wore during the 2018 Grammy Awards Ceremony. Identified to be a custom gown, the dress was made in full black and features a jaw-dropping full skirt that perfectly embodies the singer’s over-the-top fashion style. To add to the glamour, Gaga even accessorized the dress with an elegant “Time’s Up” pin and a pair of deep-black Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

The outfit was said to have cost possibly more than $125,000, based on the fact that a custom Armani Prive Dress can cost around that amount.

7. 2010 Galactic Dress

7. 2010 Galactic Dress, @Matthew Tallaksen /

Cost: $125,000+

Considered to be one of the most unforgettable Grammy outfits of the decade, Lady Gaga’s 2010 Galactic Dress by Armani Prive is yet another expensive fashion statement pioneered by the diva. The custom-made ensemble, which was adorned by hoops, rings, and a unique star ornament, has exemplified Gaga’s over-the-top, quirky identity. 

Since custom-made Armani Prive dresses are estimated to cost at least $125,000, many believe that the dress might have cost even higher than that.

6. 2019 Cinderella Valentino Dress

6. 2019 Cinderella Valentino Dress,

Cost: $150,000+

Deviating from her early days of crazy wigs and absurd dresses, Lady Gaga’s recent Valentino Dress during the 2019 Golden Globe Awards is a voluminous Cinderella-like blue dress that seems to fit only royalty.

The outfit is said to be a tribute to Judy Garland, who starred the 1954 version of A Star is Born and is estimated to had cost more than $150,000.

The dress caught the eye of many and was later put in an auction, in which a bidder made a $19,000 offer only for the auction house to withdraw the item after.

5. Venice Festival Dress

5. Venice Festival Dress,

Cost: $150,000+

Another custom-made Valentino dress, Gaga’s 2018 Venice Festival Dress which comes in the form of a giant feathered Valentino Couture gown triumphantly wowed the viewers with its actual pink-fairytale grandeur. 

Since a custom-made Valentino dress is believed to cost around $150,000, the dress is expected to hide an even higher tag price.

The voluminous pink princess dress was so magical that the popstar even managed to turn heads and give off statement poses despite the rainstorm at the time.

4. Victorian Dress

4. Victorian Dress

Cost: $400,000+

Just when people thought Gaga had already run out of unique fashion ideas, the popstar surprised the public when she appeared during the UK premiere of her film, A Star is Born, dressed as a fashionable Victorian queen.

Designed by Sarah Burton, the ensemble gave off a regal vibe with its white and gold color combo beautified by a Shakespearean collar and cascading skirt. To add to the elegance of the dress, Gaga even paired it with lab-grown diamond earrings and an Anabela Chan pearl.

The overall outfit is estimated to have cost more than $400,000.

3. Met Gala 2019 Outfits

3. Met Gala 2019 Outfits,

Cost: $2,000,000+

Where else can you find the most absurd and costliest fashion outfits aside from the Met? For Lady Gaga, the event comes as a way to turn heads once again and make it onto the front page. In fact, just recently, Gaga went the extra mile by wearing four different outfits all at once during the 2019 fashion event.

The four-layered outfit includes none other than a gigantic pink dress by Brandon Maxwell, a massive black gown, another pink dress, and sparkly lingerie. 

Estimated to have cost a staggering $2,000,000, Gaga has yet again exemplified what it actually means to “dress to impress” through this outfit.

2. 2016 Oscars Outfit

2. 2016 Oscars Outfit,

Cost: $8,000,000+

Just like all other events, the Oscars serves as one of the ultimate runways for Lady Gaga to model her phenomenal style ideas. In fact, in 2016, she had gained the attention of many as she entered the red carpet dressed in a white pantsuit designed by her favorite artist, Brandon Maxwell.

Although the price of the pantsuit wasn’t disclosed, Gaga’s accessories, which include a 90-carat diamond earrings and her engagement ring, revealed the outfit to be one of her costliest getups yet, amounting to an estimated price of more than $8,000,000.

1. 2019 Oscars Outfit

1. 2019 Oscars Outfit

Cost: $30,000,000+

And now, for the top “Gaga” look we’ve seen so far; no other outfit has outdone the popstar’s recent Oscar look. Wearing a black strapless dress designed by Alexander McQueen, matched with a pair of long black gloves, Lady Gaga’s style mirrors a typical classic Hollywood superstar of the 80s. 

Similar to all her other dresses, the popstar didn’t reveal the cost of the dress. However, her Tiffany’s diamond necklace, which was identified to be the biggest yellow diamond in the world and was evaluated at $30,000,000. Therefore, the outfit as the costliest among all we’ve seen from the superstar.,,

When it comes to fashion, no other contemporary star has managed to make the world her runway more than Lady Gaga. From her absurd style ideas to her regal gowns, the legendary singer has cemented her name into the world of fame, wealth, and fashion.

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