Top 10 Outrageously Priced Christmas Gifts Given In 2019

10. White Pony

10. White Pony,

Price: $1,000

Ponies may not fit in a Christmas stocking, but they sure do fit nicely in a stable. Named Olaf, this pony was allegedly a gift to Kylie Jenner’s baby, Stormi Webster. 

The luxurious gift drew flak from the public. While it was initially posted via Instagram, but the young billionaire took the post down later that day. Apart from receiving a pony, Stormi also received a diamond ring from her mother and a massive two-story playhouse from her grandmother Kris Jenner. Talk about a lavish lifestyle.

9. Disney Christmas Eve Cruise

9. Disney Christmas Eve Cruise
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Price: $1,826

All children, and children at heart, dream of going to Disneyland at least once in their lives. Chris Brown’s child, Royalty, was treated as her namesake in a pre-Christmas Disney cruise gifted by her father. 

The Disney Castaway Cay cruise sails to Nassau, Bahamas. Royalty posted on her Instagram page showing off her adventures, courtesy of mom, Joyce Hawkins. Other gifts Royalty received include a matching PJ/sweats set from Balenciaga and a thick bundle of cold, hard cash.

8. Elvis Presley's Rings

8. Elvis Presley's Rings
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Price: $8,500

The King of Rock and Roll lives on today. That is, through the set of rings Kim Kardashian managed to snag for her beloved brother, Rob. 

Rob is said to be the “biggest Elves Presley fan,” as revealed by the KKW Beauty and Skims Founder. Fond of auctions herself, the social media mogul won a set of gold rings for her brother for Christmas. One featured a row of diamonds while the other had a ruby in the middle.

7. Hermes Reflective Metal Top-Handle Kelly Bag

7. Hermes Reflective Metal Top-Handle Kelly Bag
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Price: about $10,000

Kylie Jenner received bountiful blessings last year. Despite being named the youngest female billionaire, Jenner was given five Hermes bags – and that’s just for the holiday season. 

One of the most eye-catching pieces the youngest Jenner sister posted is a reflective metal top-handle Kelly bag. It retails for a minimum of $10,000.

6. All Black Ski-Doo Snowmobile

6. All Black Ski-Doo Snowmobile,

Price: $13,199

Newlyweds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra still seem to be in the honeymoon phase. On Christmas morning in snowy hills of California, Priyanka woke up to find an all-black Ski-Doo snowmobile, which she has dubbed as her very own batmobile. 

Of course, delivering the gift was not without theatrics. The snowmobile was delivered with Santa driving it in front of the couple, reports CNN. That’s what you call showtime.

5. Rolex Watch

5. Rolex Watch

Price: up to $30,000

In football, players have a tradition of quarterbacks gifting their offensive line with lavish gifts. Lamar Jackson was not one to miss out on this tradition. 

Jackson, a shoo-in for the MVP position, gave Rolex watches to his team. USA Today said Ronnie Stanley, playing tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, posted his sweet bling on the Internet, giving thanks to Jackson in the process. Mind you, the price of a Rolex watch goes anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. These gifts were given to more than three people, so you can just imagine the price.

4. Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal Hat

4. Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal Hat,

Price: $56,250

Kim Kardashian, together with husband Kanye West, scored another auction find – the original Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal hat. The catch? It has MJ’s original makeup for the show on it. 

The hat was originally used in making the Smooth Criminal music video back in 1988. To give the public proof, the social media star posted a photo on her IG story, saying, “North also got Michael’s Smooth Criminal hat. It still has his makeup on it.”

3. Michael Jackson's Velvet Jacket

3. Michael Jackson's Velvet Jacket,

Price: $65,625

A self-proclaimed Michael Jackson fan, North once again got a lovely and downright expensive gift from her parents. To accompany the MJ Smooth Criminal hat, her parents gifted her with a velvet jacket the artist wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party. 

Since North is still a small child, the couple decided to have the velvet jacket altered to fit their daughter. However, the fit of the jacket can still be changed and lengthened for North to use as she grows.

2. Hermes Himalayan Birkin Bag

2. Hermes Himalayan Birkin Bag,

Price: about $300,000

Kylie Jenner once more takes the cake for the luckiest celebrity to bring home a much-coveted Hermes Birkin bag. In a cream and gray snakeskin finish, the Hermes bag looks eerily similar to one of the most expensive handbags of all time – the Himalayan Birkin bag

For a cool $300,000, the billionaire now adds another expensive find to her bag collection. Of course, the bag will surely be passed on to her daughter Stormi, who already has a budding collection of her own.

1. Mansion

1. Mansion

Price: $5.795 million

Owning a home is a Christmas wish many people have all over the world. Cardi B and partner Offset made their dreams a reality on December 24, 2019, just a day before Christmas. 

Set in Atlanta, the $5.795 million mansion features five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms across 22,000 square feet. Located in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood, the couple showed Instagram followers through their large estate. From an elegant wine cellar, a studio, a children’s playroom, and a shooting range, there is nothing more the couple could want.

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Celebrities certainly know how to give gifts. Behind the glitz and glamor, it appears that they are just like ordinary people. At the end of the day, they just want to shower their loved ones in the best way they know how to. If these are a little out of your range, let these ideas serve as motivation for you. Who knows, maybe one year you will be giving gifts like these.

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