The Top 10 Most Pricey Chocolates In The World

As the saying goes, there’s always room for dessert. When we talk about sweet treats, chocolates are typically right in the spotlight. How can you resist a delicious bite that melts in your mouth? 

Chocolate, no matter the flavor, is proven to increase the endorphins released in the brain, decreasing stress and pain from the body. Additionally, chocolate also initiates the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant. Therefore, this sweet treat is considered to be comfort food by many. 


The bizarre thing is, there are types of chocolate that are delectably mouth-watering but are extremely expensive. In this article, we are going to find out the world’s most pricey chocolates. Most of these chocolates are made abroad, which adds up to their cost.

10. Amedei Tuscany Golden Seed

10. Amedei Tuscany Golden Seed

Price: $144

The Golden Seed is one of the most prestigious and top-quality chocolate set in the world. The box contains an assortment of cocoa goodness that fills the mouth with amazing sensations. The Porcelana bar is a white chocolate square with pistachio filling. This is a perfect gift to someone who loves sweets.

The brand itself is award-winning because of the unique, artisan cocoa processing techniques and Italian elegance. The true chocolate masterpieces are enveloped by none other than Amedei Tuscany.

9. Le Chocolat Discovery Box

9. Le Chocolat Discovery Box

Price: $147

Each piece in the 90-piece Discovery Box contains 25 unique flavors that are each pure indulgence. The reason why this chocolate is expensive is because of the quality of cocoa beans and the identities of each unique flavor. 

From selecting beans and harvesting them to fermenting, roasting, and refining the beans, the brand ensures that the end product has the best texture for chocolate creation. The blocks of bars are stored in controlled room temperature areas, maintaining their gooey and rich cocoa taste.

8. Richart Infuzely Chocolate Box

8. Richart Infuzely Chocolate Box

Price: $166.50

Paying this much for a chocolate box may seem bizarre, but if you want to taste not-so-ordinary chocolate, the Richart’s Infuzely Box is a great choice. One whole box contains 81 pieces of bite-sized chocolate with exciting fillings. 

The fusion of cocoa with vanilla, caramel, citrus, and mint, provides another level of pleasure. There are fruit toppings, nuts, and rose caramel that will take your breath away with each bite.

7. To’ak Chocolate Rain Harvest 2017

7. To’ak Chocolate Rain Harvest 2017,

Price: $190

If you are a fan of buttery chocolate, this particular chocolate is totally worth the price. The packaging alone is a sight to feast on, combined with the inviting aroma of espresso, dried plums, and black cherry. The chocolate bar has a fresh oak finish with subtle notes of honey and toffee. 

What will surprise you are the nuts embedded on the bars and the rich texture and flavor of the chocolate. To’ak specifically source the cocoa beans from Piedra de Plata, which practice dry farming to retain the flavor and aroma properties. Hence, every bite of the chocolate is memorable, which adds up to what you are paying for.

6. House of Knipschildt La Madeline au Truffe

6. House of Knipschildt La Madeline au Truffe,

Price: $250

The previous awardee of the world’s most expensive chocolate is this luxurious truffle chocolate that is covered with a rich ganache. What makes it special and unlike any other truffle chocolate is the high-quality ingredients, a fine selection of cocoa and truffle oil. 

Each truffle requires intricate handcrafting that takes a lot of time. The ganache is folded carefully by hand, ensuring a smooth finish. Finally, the 70% Valrhona dark chocolate melts in your mouth with each bite. The La Madeline au Truffle is made to order and has only a 7-day shelf life.

5. MarieBelle New York Ganache Cien Blue Box

5. MarieBelle New York Ganache Cien Blue Box

Price: $280

The thing about expensive chocolates is, it is not just delicious but also too-good to eat. One great example of beautifully packaged chocolate is the Maribelle New York Ganache Cien Blue Box. The equally unique bite-sized chocolate tastes creamy and has a smooth texture. 

According to reports, this chocolate box is a favorite of Oprah Winfrey, Susan Sarandon, and Jennifer Lopez. The Ganache Cien Blue Box contains 100 pieces of signature MarieBelle chocolate.

4. Debauve & Gallais’s Le Royale 70

4. Debauve & Gallais’s Le Royale 70

Price: $300

By the time chocolate manufacturer Debauve & Gallais celebrated its 200th anniversary, the brand launched the Le Royale, featuring 35 unique and handmade chocolates. The bite-sized treats are nestled in a gold-adorned leather box that looks like a book. 

Before being available to the public in 1913, this chocolate was handmade for the royals only. Because of the luxurious packaging and dream-like taste, the set is always almost sold out.

2. To’ak Art Series Guayasamin

2. To’ak Art Series Guayasamin,

Price: $450

Another To’ak creation is the Art Series Guayasamin, which is pre-ordered from the brand, usually with a 6-week waiting list from the date-of-order. The chocolate has distinct tobacco, caramel, and floral scents, but the taste combines the profiles of honey, dark fruits, nuts, butter, and caramel. 

What makes this expensive is the carefully blended coca with exceptional texture. It has a well-balanced expression of the Ecuadorian dark chocolate, which is also expensive. For this series, To’ak blended the vintage editions of their chocolate and added a twist.

1. Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire

1. Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire,

Price: $5,357

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Fabelle’s Trinity Truffle Extraordinaire chocolate set. This is a limited edition box which contains 15-refined chocolates, enclosed in a wooden box. What makes this expensive is the finest origin cocoa and the rarest ingredients used by Michelin Star Chef Philippe Conticini

The Trinity Truffle Extraordinaire is made to order and has entered the Guinness World Records for being the ‘most expensive chocolate’ in the world. The brand has been selling the chocolate since October 23, 2019.,,

Despite the enormous price tag of these chocolates, one thing is for sure; each bite offers a unique sensation that screams satisfaction. Although there are cheaper alternatives, the products listed here are known to have the finest and rarest ingredients with a delightful taste.

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