Top 10 Amazing Pets That Cost A Whole Lot To Own

Pet lovers have definitely considered getting the classiest breeds of dogs and cats. However, you can bet that they have considered other kinds of animal companions, as well. These range from the more common options, such as birds and horses, to the more outlandish choices, such as snakes and rare kinds of lions.

If you own pets yourself, you know that you can spend a lot of money pampering and taking care of your fur baby. Indeed, animal lovers are willing to spend a lot of money on their pets. In fact, they can spend thousands, or even millions, of dollars in order to get the perfect one for them.


Wondering what kinds of animals warrant such outrageous amounts of money? This list will show you the most expensive pets in the world. Continue reading to find out more.

10. Lavender Albino Ball Python

10. Lavender Albino Ball Python,

Price: up to $40,000

First on our list is the lavender albino ball python. When you think of exotic animal collectors, you understand that they are looking for the rarest and most mysterious beast they can find. This kind of python certainly fits the bill.

Lavender albinos are simply a type of ball python that has a color mutation called albinism. However, this variety has a lavender-colored base. They also have deep red eyes, giving it a unique appearance. It is sought after by many collectors for this reason.

9. Savannah Cats

9. Savannah Cats,

Price: up to $50,000

These intelligent and social animals are known for being playful and active. Because of this, individuals with a more active lifestyle tend to seek these cats. They pretty much look like wild cats, but they are domesticated animals.

What contributes to their wild cat-look is their size and fur pattern. They have spots that come in brown, silver and black. Their overall colors are usually black, silver and brown. Their ears also give them that wild cat appearance as theirs are wider than the average house cat’s.

8. Stag Beetle

8. Stag Beetle,

Price: $89,000

Another bizarre choice is the stag beetle, which is considered the most expensive insect across the globe. They are preferred over the rhinoceros beetle because they tend to live longer. Stag beetles live up to five years while rhino beetles only live for a few months.

These insects have shiny, black heads and chestnut brown wing cases. Generally, male stag beetles are preferred by many because they have huge antlers compared to female ones without any antlers at all.

7. Ashera Cats

7. Ashera Cats

Price: up to $125,000

If you think Ashera cats look a lot like Savannahs, this is because they share the same ancestor: the African Serval. However, Asheras were bred using African Serval bred and Asian Leopard cat, while Savannahs have domestic house cat blood. 

Because the two have extreme similarities in appearance, many believed that Asheras are simply Savannahs which have been brought from a different breeder. Despite this controversy, many still consider Asheras one of the rarest cat breeds.

6. White Lion Cubs

6. White Lion Cubs,

Price: up to $140,000 

Owning a lion, in general, is quite rare. Now, think about how extraordinary it is to own a white lion. White lions are rare because of their color, which is completely white. Many think that they are a result of albinism, but they are not.

In fact, white lions simply have a recessive genetic variation. An entirely white pride is uncommon in the wild. However, sources say that these kinds of pride thrive, which means that they are successful hunters even without a camouflage-enabling coat.

5. Arabian Horses

5. Arabian Horses,

Price: up to $1 million

Arabian horses are some of the most sophisticated-looking horse breeds in the world. They are also in the top ten best breeds as they are known for their notable endurance and intelligence. They come in various colors including gray, chestnut, and black.

These horses are one of the oldest breeds as Bedouin tribes were able to place these horses in their histories back to 3,000 BC. Great historical figures rode Arabian horses including Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great.

4. Miss Missy

4. Miss Missy,

Price: $1.2 million

This particular Holstein show cow is known across the globe as the million-dollar cow. Named Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, this cow won every show she was entered in. She was sold at an auction for $1.2 million but she had pre-signed contracts worth $3.23 million.

Wondering what makes her special? She is famous for giving a whopping 50 kilograms of milk per day! This is 50% more than what an average bovine has to offer. With her premium qualities, Missy was sought after for her embryos.

3. Big Splash

3. Big Splash,

Price: $1.5 million

Back in 2011, a Chinese businessman bought a Red Tibetan Mastiff for $1.5 million and named it Big Splash. Many claim that these dogs have lion blood, but that is only because they have a red mane, as lions do. Regardless, pure Red Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and precious.  

This particular pooch was bought from a Chinese breeder who was able to sell other ones for $968,209, $1.9 million and an impressive $4.3 million. However, there have been reports that the exorbitant prices are a result of insider agreements to boost the worth of these dogs. 

2. Sir Lancelot Encore

2. Sir Lancelot Encore,

Price: $16 million

If you think that Sir Lancelot Encore is a peculiar name, then you need to hear the story of how he was created. At first glance, Lancey looks like a regular Golden Labrador Retriever, and in a way, he is. However, his owners paid $16 million to have him. 

Why, you say? What makes him special is that he is a clone of the original Sir Lancelot, making him an Encore of the deceased dog. His owners could not bear the loss of the original dog, so they had him cloned.

1. The Green Monkey

1. The Green Monkey, @SaraParker /

Price: $16 million

If you are expecting a monkey, then you will have to look elsewhere. The Green Monkey” is the name of a thoroughbred American racehorse. The horse had no name before being bought by his new owners. He was named The Green Monkey after a golf course in Barbados with the same name. 

When he first raced, he was able to run a 1/8 mile within 9.8 seconds, which is considered super-fast in the horse-racing world. However, in an unfortunate twist of events, he was injured. While the Green Monkey has recorded an impressive record during his first race, he has not been able to do so ever again.,,

For the average pet lover, these animals can easily cost an arm and a leg to buy. However, for these owners, they are definitely worth their money.

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