Top 10 Dreamiest VS Fantasy Bras And How Much They Cost

Renowned lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret canceled its 2019 fashion show following backlash and declining viewership. Because of this, there’s no doubt that viewers, fanatics, and models alike will miss seeing glamorous fashion pieces walking down the runway. Not to mention, the disappointment of the artists that perform as these VS models strut their way down the catwalk. 

Bras and other lingerie pieces remain an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. Apart from providing support, these items also allow women to feel cute and confident in what they wear. Victoria’s Secret brings elevates this necessity into something fashionable and comfortable. 


One of the most awaited events during Victoria’s Secret fashion shows is the unveiling of the Fantasy Bras. Diamond-studded and one-of-a-kind, the brand handpicks a model from their roster to wear the iconic creation year after year. Since you, as well as other people, will be missing out on this year’s Fantasy Bra, we’re here to give you a rundown of the top 10 dreamiest creations and how much it costs.

10. Dream Angels Fantasy Bras (2014)

10. Dream Angels Fantasy Bras (2014),

Price: $2 million (each)

Worn by the iconic duo of Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, the Dream Angels Fantasy Bras cost a whopping $2 million each. This totals $4 million for the Fantasy Bras alone. Best friends on and off the runway, Lima and Ambrosio’s pieces were bedazzled with more than 16,000 gemstones, as revealed by the New York Post. These featured rubies, blue sapphires diamonds, and 18k gold crafted by renowned jeweler Mouawad.

9. Treasure Bra (2011)

9. Treasure Bra (2011)
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Price: $2.5 million

Missed by many, Miranda Kerr once wore the finale piece for the 2011 fashion show. Staying true to the under-the-sea theme, Kerr donned a light blue piece dotted with pearls, aquamarines, and citrines that made her look every bit as ethereal. This look alone consisted of 3,400 jewels and included 142-carats worth of diamonds.

8. Bright Night Fantasy Bra (2016)

8. Bright Night Fantasy Bra (2016)

Price: $3 million

Worn by Jasmine Tookes, VS’s fashion show reached new heights as another black woman graced the catwalk – and wearing the fantasy bra, no less. Designed by Eddie Borgo, the creation required 700 hours of labor to come to life. And what a sight to behold – including the 450-carats worth of diamonds and emeralds perfectly contrasted against the glimmering 18-karat gold.

7. Black Diamond Fantasy Bra (2008)

7. Black Diamond Fantasy Bra (2008)
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Price: $5 million

2008 was a memorable year for Adriana Lima as this was her first time to wear the Fantasy Bra. VS contracted Martin Katz, a jeweler, to make this diamond-studded creation that consists of 3,675 diamonds. Around 117 one-carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies were also used to make the bra. And since you know that Victoria’s Secret goes all out, it’s worth mentioning that the centerpiece is also made of out black diamonds – 50 carats of them.

6. Hearts on Fire Fantasy Bra (2006)

6. Hearts on Fire Fantasy Bra (2006)

Price: $6.5 million

In her second successful round of walking the catwalk wearing the year’s creation, Karolina Kurkova made waves for wearing the Hearts on Fire on the VS runway in 2006. Celebrating the brand’s 10 years of making Fantasy Bras, Victoria’s Secret went all out with more than 2,000 perfectly cut diamonds, with a diamond brooch in the middle to complete the look. 

With romance and luxury at its core, this unique creation took over 20,000 hours to finish. Designing this alone took 300 hours. You can really say this was a labor of love.

5. Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra (2004)

5. Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra (2004)

Price: $10 million

Tyra Banks wore the $10 million 70’s Fantasy Bra designed by jewelry house Mouawad. According to the Mouawad website, this particular bejeweled creation required over 275 hours to make. Painstaking detail was given to the lingerie, setting 2,900 pave-set diamonds with a combined weight of 112 carats. A single 70-carat diamond sits smack in the center.

4. Very Sexy Fantasy Bra (2003)

4. Very Sexy Fantasy Bra (2003), @vsactu /

Price: $11 million

Heidi Klum was no stranger to the runway as this was already her third time wearing the Fantasy Bra. True to its name, the top indeed wowed fans around the world as it hugged the model in all the right places. Complete with a dangling 7-carat Excelsior diamond which fell at Klum’s belly button, this jaw-dropping creation was made with over 370 hours of labor. Part of the reason why this cost so much may be attributed to the 2,800 jewels covering the piece. 

3. Heavenly Star Bra (2001)

3. Heavenly Star Bra (2001)

Price: $12.5 million

Making history yet again, Heidi Klum first walked the runway with this stunning creation in 2001. Despite having made six Fantasy Bras, this Heavenly Star top was the first one to grace the catwalk. Light and dreamy in every sense of the word, Mouawad once more showed its prowess by making this pink sapphire-crusted piece. The most expensive bra created in 2001 was fitting for a heavenly body. In addition, a 90-carat diamond sits in the middle.

2. Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra (2005)

2. Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra (2005),

Price: $12.5 million

Every VS model wishes to have the honor of wearing the much-coveted Fantasy Bra. In 2005, model Gisele Bündchen got that wish granted – and for the second time to boot. The second time around, Bündchen got to strut in an 18-karat white gold piece made by Mouawad. 

Featuring a delicate and intricate floral design, this top was decked out to the nines with over 2,900 pave-set diamonds that came out to 108.37 carats. 22 rubies were also used for a pop of color. At the center is a Mouawad Splendor Diamond, a piece that stands out for its 101.84-carat D-cut that became every girl’s subject of envy. On the runway, this top was worn over a red bra.

1. Red Hot Fantasy Bra (2000)

1. Red Hot Fantasy Bra (2000)
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Price: $15 million

Dubbed as the most valuable bra by the Guinness World Records, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra takes the number one spot for costing $15 million – and for good reason. This consists of more than 1,300 jewels – including Thai rubies. This is the ultimate Fantasy Bra.



Victoria’s Secret definitely put ‘fantasy’ on a whole new level with these creations. Although we’ll all be missing their 2019 show, we’re sure that they’re preparing for a banging show come 2020.

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