10 Ultra-Deluxe Christmas Gifts Given By The Rich And Famous

Surely, it is no exaggeration that December is the most celebrated month of the year. From delectable foods and jovial songs to vibrant neon lights and sea of presents, there comes a wide variety of reasons why everyone seems to love this much-awaited time of the year.

As you continue to be delighted with the gifts you received for Christmas, you may wonder what others found under the tree. While delivering a bouquet of flowers or buying clothes might already be a “fancy” present to you, it might not be the same case for the rich and famous.


To help you understand what we’re talking about, here is a list of the most expensive Christmas presents ever given. These presents show just how much money the rich and famous have. Everyone tends to go all out for Christmas, and the wealthiest people in the world are no exception.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

10. Tibetan Mastiff
highedgetibetanmastiffs.com, publika.md

Cost: $1.5 million

What better present to give your loved one than a good companion, right? From their floppy limbs and furry bodies to their wiggling tails, there’s a range of reasons why dogs are terribly cute and thereby perfect for presents. However, a Tibetan Mastiff is not like other dogs. 

Dubbed the most expensive dog breed in the world, the Tibetan mastiff is a primitive dog breed that has become so rare it can only be bought for millions of dollars. In one particular event, for example, one of these precious pups was put on sale at a high price of $1.5 million during an auction.

You might be wondering who ended up with this expensive pooch. It’s none other than the American singer-songwriter Chris Brown, who purchased the precious puppy as a gift to his daughter for Christmas.

9. The Waterfall Gift

9. The Waterfall Gift
news.com.au, wikipedia.org

Cost: $1.6 million

Despite their sad ending, it’s undeniable that no other Hollywood couple could top the glamour, elegance, and beauty that came with the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt marriage. 

In fact, before their eventual split, Angelina even bought her husband a real-life waterfall, along with its adjacent lands, in California to help Brad create his own version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s venerated creation “Fallingwater.”

8. The Luxurious White Christmas Gift

8. The Luxurious White Christmas Gift
nepal24hours.com, today.com

Cost: $2 million

Surely, many would agree that nothing tops the Christmas gifts of parents to their children. In the case of American film and television producer Aaron Spelling, nothing could stop him from giving his children what they’re asking for, even the climate itself!

That’s why, when his precious daughter Tori Spelling asked for a winter wonderland for Christmas, the Charlie’s Angels producer was quick to turn their whole Beverly Hills residence into a glamourous white landscape by buying her a brand-new snow machine that delivered $2 million dollars worth of fake snow right into their backyard.

The magical present was loved by Tori so much that she later replicated the gift in 2009 for her own kids.

7. The Golden Bath Tub

7. The Golden Bath Tub
joystoyz.com, steemit.com

Cost: $2.3 million

This might not be the most practical item on the list, but, certainly, it is one of the most luxurious. Valued at $2.3 million, this 24 karat gold bathtub purchased by Mike Tyson as a Christmas surprise to his then-wife Robin Givens has made its way onto the list.

In the end, although the former husband and wife have been recognized for their tumultuous marriage, this outrageous item remains to be a memento of their once blissful, and absolutely luxurious, romance.

6. The Dreamy Apartment

6. The Dreamy Apartment
wikipedia.org, short-biography.com

Cost: $2.6 million

Coming in at number six is none other than the $2.6 million apartment gift of Asian superstar Aaron Kwok to his then-girlfriend Lynn Hung. 

The place, which offers a panoramic view of the wide-open sea comes as one of the most romantic and, certainly, expensive Christmas presents a celebrity has ever given to a lover. Too bad, the apartment ended up being one of the many luxurious gifts between love-sick couples who didn’t end up together.

5. Beckham’s Jewel

5. Beckham’s Jewel
en.as.com, allure.com

Cost: $3 million

If you thought the crazy gifts for partners have ended, then you could never be more wrong. In 2005, David Beckham made his way into the headlines once again with the purchase of a $2.4 million Boucheron ruby and diamond necklace to be given as a Christmas gift to his wife Victoria. 

The ultra-luxe necklace comes as one of the many luxurious presents Victoria has received from her husband, including a $100,000 diamond-encrusted handbag and a custom-built $500,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Now, who says love doesn’t cost a penny?

4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Rings

4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Rings
@QVCtv / Youtube.com, toledoblade.com

Cost: $4.2 million

Hollywood goddess Elizabeth Taylor seemed to have it all. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that she currently stands as the person to receive the 4th most expensive Christmas gift in history with her 8.24 Van Cleef & Arpels diamond-and-ruby ring from her then-husband, Tim Burton.

In 2011, the famous jewelry was been sold in an auction at the staggering price of $4.2 million.

3. Twenty-Two-Year-Old’s Property

3. Twenty-Two-Year-Old’s Property
wikipedia.org, nypost.com

Cost: $88 million 

Stumped about what present to get for your 22-year-old daughter? For the typical young adult, a good makeup set or a nice handbag might do the trick. However, in the case of Ekaterina Rybolovleva, it will take more than any of those to meet her ideal Christmas gift.

Born as the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, this 22-year-old made her way into the rich list with the acquisition of an $88 million Sanford Weill Manhattan property as a Christmas present from none other than her wealthy father.

2. Evalyn’s Jewels

2. Evalyn’s Jewels
financesonline.com, thecut.com

Cost: $250 million

Who could ever forget the American mining heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean? Most known for her luxurious jewelry collection, Evalyn made her mark in the public consciousness as the owner of the 94.8-carat pear-shaped diamond that is mounted on a chain adorned with a hexagonal emerald of 34 carats and a pearl of 32 grains. 

The luxurious necklace, titled The Star of the East, was bought by Evalyn as a wedding and Christmas gift for herself. 

1. The Orlov Diamond

1. The Orlov Diamond
livehistoryindia.com, livehistoryindia.com

Cost: Priceless

And now, for the most luxurious, and yes, outrageous, Christmas gift ever given. Nothing tops the 189.62-carat diamond of Russian Empire’s Catherine the Great.

To date, although there is still an ongoing debate on how it happened to get in her hands, many believe that the Orlov Diamond is, indeed, a Christmas present from her lover, Count Orlov. 

Surely, while everyone is free to buy anything they want for their loved ones this Christmas, there no denying that the sky’s the limit for the monetarily powerful.

From golden bathtubs to actual waterfalls, the rich and famous will never run out of things to buy and give their loved ones.

Which among these items stunned you the most?

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