New York City’s 10 Most Valuable Streets

10. Leonard Street

10. Leonard Street,

Median Sale Price: $2,454,020

This lane was named after Leonard Lispenard, one of the three sons of Anthony Lispenard who owned the lands of Tribeca back in the 18th century. When the city continued to expand, it was necessary to create roads that were named after Anthony’s three sons. 

Located in the Triangle Below Canal Street or the Tribeca neighborhood, Leonard St. is known for being the location of 56 Leonard, a 57-story skyscraper. This building alone adds value to this road with an average sale and rent prices of $3,336 and $132 per square foot respectively.

9. Amity Street

9. Amity Street

Median Sale Price: $2,545,000

This thoroughfare in Brooklyn is desired for the picturesque buildings. One of the most notable is the Cobble Hill Row Houses on 187-195 Amity St. This Greek Revival building is known for being landmarked by the Cobble Hill Historic District.

In fact, the most expensive property listed in Cobble Hill named in the recent New York Times report is located along Amity. A new townhouse sells for $6.4 million. Plus, there is a homeowner’s fee of $400 to be paid every month and taxes of $23,824 to be paid annually.

8. West 17th Street

8. West 17th Street,

Median Sale Price: $2,585,997

One of the most historical streets in NYC, West 17th St. is known for its architectural masterpieces. It had some of the most iconic buildings back in the early 1900s. However, many of these structures have been torn down. 

Currently, some properties on this road appear in Sotheby’s International Realty listings. One of these is 225 West 17th St., which offers 14 residential properties in the area. It offers competitive prices for a luxurious part of the neighborhood.

7. Broome Street

7. Broome Street,

Median Sale Price: $2,783,750

Broome St. used to be known as a gritty area. However, you will be able to see more elegant establishments nowadays. It was named after John Broome, a city official back in the early 1800s. Like other entries on this list, it is also notable for the superb architecture along the road.

One of the most notable of these is located at 431 Broome St., which was built in 1900 and was altered in 2012. It has five floors and is currently valued at $1,862,550 with an assessed land value of $846,000.

6. West 30th Street

6. West 30th Street,

Median Sale Price: $2,931,713

This road is known for being the home of St. John the Baptist Church and another architectural treasure, which is 251 West 30th St. The Church has been around since 1840 and was popularly visited by Germans. Meanwhile, the stepped floors of 251 West 30th is also an iconic destination.

Another great thing about this street is that it was a music destination at one point. In fact, it remains to be the location of various music-related shops. From instrument retailers and repair places, West 30th definitely has a history with music. 

5. Chambers Street

5. Chambers Street,

Median Sale Price: $3,052,603

This two-way street is known for offering a great view of the Manhattan Municipal Building. This lane is also near various important buildings such as the New York City Hall, the Tweed Courthouse, and the Surrogate’s Courthouse. 

Chambers is also located between Broadway and Centre Streets, placing it near the Marble Palace. For this, there is no doubt that this area is part of the city center, which can definitely drive up real estate property prices.

4. West Street

4. West Street,

Median Sale Price: $3,562,500

One iconic structure on this road is the Verizon Building on 140 West St. just in front of the World Trade Center. It was built back in the 1920s to make way for the New York Telephone Company, which is why it has a cable vault filled with phone and data lines.   

This skyscraper was constructed with stepped back floors, giving it a Mayan temple-look. In fact, there are many such buildings along this street, making it an architectural and historical treasure trove.

3. East 12th Street

3. East 12th Street,

Median Sale Price: $4,381,008

This road is located in Greenwich Village, which is known as one of the most diverse places in NYC. It is known for being a “bohemian” neighborhood, especially with its creative residents and thriving alternative culture.

Because of this, there is no wonder that properties along this road can reach millions when on sale. In fact, one condo listing for 12 East 12th St. is pegged at $11,995,000, making it one of the most valuable streets in NYC.

2. Murray Street

2. Murray Street,

Median Sale Price: $5,447,638

When you walk along Murray street, you will find a lot of remarkable sites such as Battery Park City Library. It is also home to the Goldman Sachs Headquarters, one of the leading investment banking and wealth management firms in the world.

This is why real estate prices around this area can be expensive. A condo for sale can reach a whopping $4,200,000 with monthly taxes of $2,515, making it deserving of the second spot in this list.

1. West 81st Street

1. West 81st Street,

Median Sale Price: $5,884,494

When you look at Google Maps, you will see that West 81st is the location of the Bank of America Financial Center and Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment. With such landmarks and important centers along this road, this is definitely going to have high property prices.

Moreover, it also intersects with various key streets such as West End, Broadway, and Columbus Avenue, which is the location of the American Museum of Natural History. Its premium location definitely makes it worthy of the top spot.,,

With their convenient locations near various historic and commercial landmarks, there is no wonder why these are the most valuable streets in NYC. So, if you are planning to buy a property or rent one along these roads, make sure you have the budget to do so.

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