The 10 Wealthiest Star Wars Actors Of All Time

10. Edgar Wright

10. Edgar Wright,

Net Worth: $10 million

Although Edgar Wright is not an official cast member in Star Wars, he has made a brief cameo as a Resistance Trooper in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. With the help of director Rian Johnson, Wright became a part of history. 

Aside from being an actor, Wright also directs films. His popular works include Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Baby Driver.

9. Justin Theroux

9. Justin Theroux,

Net Worth: $17 million

Another phenomenal cameo in the Last Jedi movie is the appearance of Justin Theroux as a suave master codebreaker. Theroux flashes a red pin on his lapel, which made the cameo unforgettable. His appearance was dubbed by fans as necessary because his role is significant in the movie. 

Theroux also appears in the TV series The Leftovers and did voiceovers on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In addition, he also did scriptwriting for Iron Man 2.

8. Mark Hamill

8. Mark Hamill,

Net Worth: $18 million

One of Star Warsveteran actors is Mark Hamill, who has an iconic role of being Luke Skywalker. Through the years, he was typecast as Luke and had difficulty landing in other roles because he is already associated with the role in Star Wars. 

Besides acting, Hamill also does voiceover work for cartoons and was even the voice of Joker in the Batman: The Animated Series way back in 1990. His most recent voiceover work is in Justice League Action.

7. Laura Dern

7. Laura Dern,

Net Worth: $20 million

Who would forget Vice Admiral Holdo in the Last Jedi film? Laura Dern is classic and unforgettable on the big screen with her awesome performances. Be it an adventure, fantasy, or romance, Dern easily embodies characters as if theyre real. 

Dern is best known for her role in the 1993 Jurassic Park as Dr. Ellie Sattler. Aside from this classic film, she also starred in Rambling Rose, where she was nominated for an Oscar award.

6. Carrie Fisher

6. Carrie Fisher,

Net Worth: $25 million

The iconic Carrie Fisher was the face of Star Wars for years, famous for her role as Princess Leia with the donut bun hairstyle. She is phenomenal in every scene and is one of the reasons why the franchise is a success. 

However, sad news enveloped the Star Wars fandom as Fisher reportedly suffered cardiac arrest while on a flight. She had made most of her money in Star Wars and also her other work as a scriptwriter and novelist.

5. Billie Lourd

5. Billie Lourd,

Net Worth: $25 million

Carrie Fishers only child Billie Lourd is also one of the cast members of Star Wars. She portrays the role of Lieutenant Connix, which is a junior controller and coordinating personnel. As a young actor, she was able to make a name for herself in shows like Scream Queens and American Horror Story. 

After her mother passed, Lourd was able to inherit a $25 million dollar estate. This resulted in her having more than $25 million in net worth.

4. Tom Hardy

4. Tom Hardy,

Net Worth: $30 million

Tom Hardy made a cameo in the Last Jedi film, which is cut from the movie but appears in the Blu-ray version. Hardy is also one of the timeless characters in the Band of Brothers and The Dark Knight Rises. 

Time reports that Hardys cameo scene as a Stormtrooper was cut in the movie. Hardy as a Stormtrooper encounters incognito Finn, Rose, and DJ onboard, which is featured in the 20-minute, deleted scenes of the Last Jedi.

3. Andy Serkis

 3. Andy Serkis,

Net Worth: $35 million

Hollywood’s most beloved actor Andy Serkis is famous for his role as evil Snoke in The Force Awakens. Serkis is a renowned actor, portraying important roles in films such as Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes. His take on Gollum is also iconic and probably one of the reasons why the franchise became successful. 

Serkishard-earned net worth is $35 million according to The Richest. He has made most of his fortune in the cinema and in the theater during his early acting days.

2. Benecio del Toro

2. Benecio del Toro,

Net Worth: $45 million

Benecio del Toro made the character DJ in Star Wars an icon. He was mysterious, genius-like, and powerful. After 30 years in the industry, Toro was able to build his wealth to a staggering $45 million net worth. 

Aside from being an actor, he also produces films, one of which is Sicario and The Usual Suspects.

Toro scored an Academy Award in 2001, as a supporting role in the movie Traffic. His debut was in Madonnas video for La Isla Bonita, which made him famous.

1. Frank Oz

1. Frank Oz,

Net Worth: $80 million

The famous Yoda is portrayed by none other than Frank Oz, a veteran actor in the industry. Oz is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, not to mention, a great voiceover actor as he gave life to iconic characters such as Yoda in Star Wars.

Aside from Yoda, Oz was able to do the voiceover for Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Grover. With his excellent talent and dedication, he was able to make a fortune of $80 million.,,

Star Wars will always have its spot in Hollywood’s most phenomenal films because of the actors behind it. The actors listed above are just some of the wealthiest in the field of acting.

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